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Xtava Twist Curling Wand

14th September 2017

Hair has never been my strong point. I’m one of those people who try to put my hair in a messy bun and end up with a scraped back ‘folded over’ ponytail. I always have hair envy, of well, everyone! Wavy and curled hair are my favourites, and (luckily) are one style that I can manage (sort of). I’ve always used hair straighteners to curl my hair, so when I was offered the chance to try out the Xtava Twist Curling Wand I jumped at the chance.

Xtava Twist Curling Wand

The curling wand is very nicely packaged. The box is black and gold, but when you open that box there is a lovely gift box inside. A black box with embossed writing on it. It looks and feels very expensive. Inside this box is a black heat resistance bag which is where the wand is kept. The bag is also perfect if you take the curling wand with you and need to store it when it has recently been switched off.
Also inside the box is a black heat-resistant glove and some instructions.

Using the Curling Wand

The first time I went to use the wand it felt a bit alien to me. I’ve always used either straighteners, or curling irons. Both have a way of holding you hair in between the two heat plates to curl. With this wand there is no ‘holding piece’ you use your hand to curl your hair around the wand. If I’m honest I failed miserably. I decided that I needed to watch some videos on the best way to use it, thank god for YouTube!

The Second Attempt using the Curling Wand

After watching a few videos on YouTube I felt better about using the wand and decided to try again.

I sectioned off my hair and starting at the bottom I worked my way to the top of my head. The videos suggested holding the hair around the wand for about 10 seconds and so this was what I doing. My hair is about shoulder length. The hair underneath was too short to wrap around the wand (I have the 1-1.5 inch wand). The longer my hair became the easier it was to wrap around the curling wand. In hindsight, one of the smaller wand sizes would have been better for my hair length.

I was wrapping quite thick chunks of hair around the wand and so I achieved more of a wave than curl. If you wanted curls I would suspect you would need to do much thinner sections and hold it on the wand for much longer than I was.

Curling Wand Specifics

The Xtava Twist Curling Wand has a ceramic barrel and cool tip. There are 22 temperature settings between 90 – 210 C depending on your hair thickness. It has a 60 minute automatic sleep function, and includes a heat-resistant glove and travel case. The curling wand features ionic technology which helps to prevent frizz and the ceramic barrel helps preserve healthy hair.

My hair is quite thick, it doesn’t look it but there is just a lot of it. For this reason I set the curling wand to the maximum temperature of 210 degrees. I found that it got to about 170 degrees very quickly, just a couple of minutes, but going from 170 to 210 took longer. In fact it took almost the same amount of time again.

As you are wrapping your hair around the wand the heat-resistant glove is vital. I could still feel the heat through the glove and it became uncomfortable if I held the hair on too long or too tightly. This may be because the barrel was too big for my hair length and so I was having to hold my hair in place quite firmly.

Love it or Hate it?

I do like using the curling wand. It is going to take some getting used to as it is different to how I normally curl my hair. I think as my hair gets longer I will love it more, as I’ve already mentioned I should have chosen a smaller sized wand. Probably the medium-sized wand for my hair. I will definitely use it when I want a more relaxed curl as this was perfect and the end result looked lovely. I still need to try it out for a tighter curl but this will take more time to achieve.

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