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Weekend Box Club (Ad; Gifted)

18th March 2019

*We were sent the Weekend Box in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are our own.

We love getting subscription boxes for the children and are signed up to a few. We’ve tried a few different ones from crafting to gardening. They go down really well with the children and so when we were given the chance to try out Weekend Box Club we were on board!

Weekend Box Club.

As the name suggests the box is full of activities to keep your little people entertained over the weekend. They offer 2 types of box, the Variety box or the STEM box. We were sent the Variety box to review. This box is aimed at 3-8 year olds. Including in the box you get 4 activities (art & crafts, cooking, planting / upcycling and exploring). All of this comes in a box addressed to your little one. Definitely the kind of post they are going to love.

Weekend Club BoxWeekend Box – Variety Box

As expected, when this landed through our letterbox the kids were immediately interested. How could they not be when the box had little animals on it – they clearly knew it was for them and not for me!

I managed to get a quick glimpse inside the box before they were ripping open parcels to see what was inside. Inside the box there was a height chart, activity book and then 4 parcels, each in a different colour. I later found out why but by then it was too late as the parcels had been ripped open.

The parcels are coloured and this is helpful when you are looking for the instructions in the activity book.
Our activities were making a penguin, making an ice candle holder, making a cake/biscuit and making snowflakes. The children decided they wanted to make the penguins. The instructions were really clear and easy to follow. There was also some info on the penguins and how the males give the females a stone.

We still have the others to do because we have been so busy at the weekends but I am thankful for having back up activities for when the weather is less than kind!

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Our Thoughts

I really like the box and the activities in there are varied. This was perfect for Reuben who sat for ages and worked on the activity. He then worked though some of the book and wanted to start another activity. He is 5.
Jessica, who at 2 is younger than the recommended age, sat for a little while but soon got bored. It is unusual for her as she will normally sit and colour for hours. She’s not far from 3 and I still don’t know if it would grasp her attention. I would say 4/5 upwards is probably more realistic.

These boxes currently sell for £8.95* per box (first box is £4.48). I think for the items that you get included and the fact that postage is free, this is a reasonable price. There’s also an option to gift these in 4, 6 or 12 boxes. A new gift every couple of weeks, has to keep them happy doesn’t it!


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