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We Disappeared but We Are Back!

7th October 2018

Hello! It has been a long time since we wrote or published anything. It is almost as if we disappeared, but we are back!

Firstly a bit of an apology for not giving any notice that we were going to be away. It is not without good reason, I assure you. So what’s been happening? Well, we moved. I hadn’t mentioned it too much on the blog for fear of it all going wrong (again). Then once we had moved we had to wait for what seemed an absolute lifetime to have the internet back up and working. Unfortunately that means that I am so behind because I struggled to get any kind of connection. It does mean however, that we are pretty much unpacked and checking out our first mood board in preparation for decorating!

So, as I said I hadn’t spoken about moving, but I will be revealing all over the next few weeks. From having the first sale fall through, losing the first house we wanted (thankful that we did as the house we have bought is perfect for us!), why we picked a high street agent over an internet based one and tips on moving day! We’re no experts, but we have learned a lot and want to share it with you!

What else?
Well, I’m now behind on the blog series which means you’ve missed out on some amazing stories. I will be publishing more than one a week to get caught up. We’ve been on days out, more reviews coming up and obviously my next big project – Christmas. Yes, it is October but Christmas will be here in no time! Oh, and I will obviously share our decorating projects with you – and we are starting with a fairy inspired room for our very own fairy!

So that’s it from us. We’ve had some very busy weeks gone by but now we get to do the fun things and share them with you. So do stay tuned!


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