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We Don’t ‘DO’ Valentine’s Gifts BUT if We Did……

30th January 2018

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The shops are full of cards. Gifts are appearing all over the shelves and the gift guides are out to help you with your choices. Valentine’s gifts aren’t something that Sam and I ‘DO’.
I don’t mean we don’t show any affection to one another, we do. We will have a nice meal together, put the gadgets away and spend time with each other. But we don’t really buy Valentine’s gifts.

Our first Valentine’s Day we had just moved in with each other and so gifts were off the agenda! From then we have just agreed that gifts are un-necessary just because it is Valentines Day. We don’t expect to shower each other with more love just because the diary says we should, we do it every day. Small things like making a coffee, letting the other have the lie in on the weekend, a kiss on the forehead. Things that money cannot buy, but mean the world.

Sometimes Sam goes against the rules and buys me a Valentine’s gift. Then I feel like a bit of a tight-arse as I didn’t get him anything. That said, he normally buys chocolates and then eats them with me so can we call it a joint gift?

Anyway, if we did buy gifts for one another here are a few things that we might buy…….

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Bath Bomb setWho doesn’t like bath bombs? I love this cupcake collection. Six very cute looking bath bombs, aptly named for Valentines Day; Chic & Cheerful, Love Buds, Kiss Me Quick, Rosebud Buttercup, Feel The Love, Urban Rose. A perfect way to start that romantic evening. Run your lady a bath when the kids are in bed, pop one of these in so she can relax while you cook the dinner! (Don’t forget to use the code PICKLE218 for your 10% discount)

He knows me too well when he buys me these!! I love Hotel Chocolat and I love their selection of H boxes. Enough said!




Or maybe a Mini Spa Gift Hamper full of Prosecco, Truffles and Candles?
Maybe you’ve decided you’re going to treat yourself ladies, this is perfect for your Friday night soak!! Perfect for ME time!




Valentine’s Gifts for Him

I love getting Sam gifts that are a bit light-hearted. I also think you can never have enough mugs, am I right? Or is it just me? This “Happy Valentine’s Day Sexy Bum” mug is definitely something that Sam would be opening on Valentines Day.



¬†Sweets!! Who wouldn’t love Retro Sweets for Valentines Day?! Sam has a sweet tooth and so this would be perfect for him!



My husband (and my son) are massive fans of this Uppercut styling range. Sam gets through a lot of it and so he would be very happy to get this as a gift! (It smells nice too!)



So, there you have it. The type of gifts that we would buy each other if we ‘did’ Valentine’s gifts.
The plan for us is a nice meal at home again, that’s not to say I that I won’t break the rules and get him something this year (spoiler alert, I really love the mug)

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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