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The Ultimate Christmas Gifts Guide

22nd November 2017

Can you believe that Christmas is just over a month away? I can’t quite believe how quickly the time is going. I love the build up to Christmas, my favourite part is picking the PERFECT gifts for all of my family. I try to pick presents that they will love, or things that they have mentioned that they like throughout the year. It can be hard though can’t it? Looking for great Christmas gifts, especially with having work and family commitments. So why not let me help you? I have looked for gifts that would suit the most difficult person to buy for. So whether you’re looking for the special lady in your life, your dad or your kids; we will have something here to help!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gifts for Her

New Wardrobe

clothes from LOTDNo, not the furniture set but the clothes that go in it!
If the special lady in your life is anything like me then they will not have spent any money on themselves, or their clothes in a long time. Any spare money they have to go shopping with they will come back with things for you, or the children, but never herself. I bet she spends ages trying to find something to wear and not feeling happy with the choices that she has? So why not treat her to a few choice pieces for Christmas. I found a new up and coming online shop from Manchester; LOTD (Look of the Day). They have a wide range of women’s clothing and at a very reasonable price. What’s more, we have secured a 30% discount for you if you use the discount code BLOGLOVE30.

Personalised Jewellery

Keepsake Necklace on flowerPersonalised jewellery is always a favourite. It ticks every box. Children’s handprints/footprints, jewellery and a keepsake. It is perfect and I can guarantee that she will not be disappointed on Christmas morning. We recently reviewed ESP Keepsakes necklace and we absolutely love it.
Don’t panic, there is still plenty of time to order your personalised item. I have spoken to Liz and she has confirmed that her last date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is 13 December.

Face Massager

Sensse Facial TonerWant woman wouldn’t want to be able to massage their face at the end of a stressful day? This Sensse Facial Massager feels great on the skin and is a pleasure to use. It is great for massaging in moisturising cream at the end of the day or just for unwinding. If you would like to know exactly what we think of this then pop over and read our full review.

Spa Day

What about sending your important lady on a spa day. Whether that lady is your Mum who has always been there for you or your wife who deserves to have a few hours peace. No children, no housework. Just time to relax and be pampered. Did you know that Amazon sell spa packages? Why not take a look and really spoil her now!

Christmas Gifts for Him

Bavarian Helles Lager

Hofmeister lagerIt’s back and it is better than ever!
Hofmeister used to be a hit in the 80’s and was axed in 2003. The new brand is back and is now a 5% ABV Helles lager which is slow-brewed in Germany. We were recently sent some to try and it I have to say, it is a really enjoyable drink.
You can buy this as a case of 12 or a case of 24 from Amazon and for a limited time you can get free delivery by entering the code: FTBHOF17

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit
*Photo from Amazon*
My other half was looking at these last year (he did get one) and he says it is the best shave that he has had. There are so many really lovely shaving sets out there but I love this gift set. The gift set includes shaving cream, a double edge razor and a pure badger brush.

VR Headset

VR Headset
*Photo from Amazon*
I know this is very high on my husbands list of presents this year and why wouldn’t it be!! It means that gaming takes on another dimension completely. I’ve found this great PlayStation VR Starter Pack which includes the game, GT Sport (and it is cheaper with the game then without! How great is that?)


*photo from Pixabay*
Watches seem to be a BIG thing at the moment. Maybe it is as I have become older our conversations change but everyone seems to be talking watches. There are some really lovely watches all with completely different features, I wish I could baffle you with all things watches but I can’t.

However, I did find this really nice looking watch today; two-tone sandalwood wooden watch with Japanese quartz movement and calendar function.


Christmas Gifts for The Kids


Jungle Jam BooksWe love books here and we always buy books for the kids at Christmas
My latest find has been the Jungle Jam books. There is a series of 5 rhyming books with the aim to introduce children to new sounds, cultures and musical instruments. The books are centred around 5 animals that set out on a musical adventure. We currently have Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil which my little ones love, and we will be adding to our collection.

If you wanted to have the whole collection, there is also the Jungle Jam teddies and wooden puzzle for your little ones.

Science Lab

Learning Resources Primary Science LabDo your little ones like to pretend to be scientists? Do they love mixing and pouring? If so then this is the IDEAL gift for them. We recently reviewed this Primary Science Lab and Reuben loved it. His face when he saw this come through the post was a picture, that face opening this up under the Christmas would stay with me forever. You wouldn’t regret buying this for sure.

Ride On

hedgehog wheely ride on
*photo from What 2 Buy 4 Kids*
I love ride on toys for children and I love how they have adapted over the years. They have become cute and come in a variety of shapes, not only that but they don’t just have to go backwards and forwards anymore. They can do full circles. Take a look at this really lovely hedgehog ride on from What 2 Buy 4 Kids. I love that this looks soft and almost like a cuddly toy on wheels. What child wouldn’t love it?

Hopster TV Subscription

hopsterHopster is an App that allows your child to do all they things that they love without running the risk of any adverts so you know they are safe. Hopster give you over 800 shows, 100 songs and nursery rhymes, learning games, books and so much more. There is something here to suit all children but it has been designed so that your preschooler can use it on their own. It is on a subscription basis with no contract so you can cancel anytime, not that I think you would want to! There will be a full review of this coming soon….

Christmas Gifts for The Teens

Bunny Foot Warmer

Foot warmerI have found this cute little foot warmer from Honkemoller’s which will be perfect for those cold winters nights.
Slippers can feel a little ‘old fashioned’ and not an ideal gift, especially for a teenager This foot warmer is different. It is like a big soft cushion that covers your whole foot. The foot warmer is soft and fleece-like, the fact it looks like a cute bunny makes it too good to resist. It is a firm favourite of mine.

Driving Experience

rally car
*photo from Pixabay*
I would think that this is not a known gift for teens, certainly most people I speak to have said that they didn’t realise you could even get this type of gift. You can buy your teen an actual driving experience, where as long as they fit the height and age restrictions they can actually drive the vehicle themselves. There is a massive range over on Into The Blue and they range from rally drives to supercar experiences. Pretty cool hey?

Drone With Camera

Drone with camera
*photo from Pixabay*
I think these will always be popular with everyone. It is something that you don’t ever grow out of. I have found a really great one that has HD Live Video Wifi Camera and Headless mode. This is sure to keep your teen outside for hours.


*photo from Pixabay*
I loved earrings when I was younger and I had so many different styles that I could switch them up when I felt like it.

My favourite have always been studs and I absolutely love this set of Silver Ribbon Bow Studs and they are presented in a lovely box so would make a gorgeous gift for under the tree this year.


I hope that you have fond some inspiration from my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.

One final thing before I leave you to start or finish your Christmas shopping, a handy tip, if you will.
Christmas can be an expensive time and so saving money by using discount codes or money-saving ideas is a great way to help with the overall spend. I do most of my shopping online, and where possible I use Quidco to help to get some money back from my purchases. If you have not heard about Quidco then stop there first!

Quidco is a site that allows you to earn cash back on some of your purchases, depending on retailer terms and conditions. Use this link to set up your account and you will be awarded with £3.50 to start you off! (please note this is an affiliate link and I will also receive a small referral fee when you sign up.)

*Please note that some of the items were given in exchange for placement in this Christmas Guide and some contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclaimer for more details, it will not effect your purchasing. All views are my own*

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