Trentham Gardens

Trentham Monkey Forest & Gardens

4th December 2017

Quite a while ago you may recall me having a lovely breakaway with my husband! In that post I mentioned how we had spent the day at Trentham Monkey Forest and Trentham Gardens. I also said there would be a post and time has literally flown by and I haven’t written that post yet, until now!

Trentham Monkey Forest

We were staying about 40 minutes away from the park, we arrived at about 11 o’clock. I wasn’t sure what to expect in the way of queues, we had obviously arrived fairly late and it was a really warm day considering it was October! There wasn’t much of a queue and it didn’t take long to get served. We decided to get tickets for the forest and the gardens, if you bought them together you were given a discounted rate.

Before Entering

Before you go into the park you are given some guidance on what to expect in the park and how much distance you should give the monkeys, especially the ones with babies. As soon as we went through the gates we were greeted by a lovely lady who was full of knowledge and pointed out a monkey high up in the trees. She had said it was unusual for them to be so close to the gate. She then pointed us in the right direction to see the main areas.

First Impressions

When we got there it was like nothing I have ever seen. It was amazing to be able to see all the monkeys in a natural habitat. No bars, no wires. There were plenty of staff around who were all extremely knowledgeable. They could name the monkeys, tell you their ages, and who the alpha was. I found this reassuring, especially when some of the monkeys were misbehaving and being told off. The staff would shout to stand still for a minute and give them room to be calm down. It was fascinating to watch and a quick reminder that we were on their territory.

I could have spent hours just sitting and watching them, and the grounds they are in are just lovely. They want for nothing there and have plenty of space. I am glad that it was just Sam and I that went, for a couple of reasons. It meant I had the chance to play with my camera without needing to rush but more importantly, I’m not sure it would have engaged Reuben. Sure, he would have loved it as soon as we got there but I don’t know how long he would have felt like that. He loves zoos as there are so many animals but once he is finished looking at them he needs to move on. It doesn’t work like that here. I think he would need to be older to enjoy it fully.

After the Forest

We stopped for some food. What we ate seemed an average price for eating out. Like all places it is more expensive than we would normally pay but we didn’t find it unreasonable. Nor did many others and it was extremely popular and took a very long time to get served. If you wanted to take a picnic there were many areas that you could eat in.

After lunch we decided that we were ready to move on the gardens and so left. The monkey forest does have a sign before you leave to advise that you can only reenter by getting a wrist band from the gift shop. I do not know if there is an additional charge for this or not.

Trentham Gardens

You can walk to the gardens from the monkey forest but it means that you are going in at the south side. This is not where the main shops and gardens are. You have to walk past the lakes to get to that area. It took a while to walk to the main area, probably because I kept stopping to take photos, it was so beautiful. By the time we had got to the main area we didn’t have the time to explore there, so we walked the other side of the lake back to the car.

Pirate made of sandThe whole place was absolutely stunning, and it was lovely to be able to enjoy the last of the warm sunshine in such a lovely place. As we walked around the lake we started spotting fairies, turns out there is a fairy trail and the detail in the sculptures is just amazing. I really loved this place and will definitely be returning and spending more time at the gardens.

Have you been to the monkey forest and gardens? Let me know what your favourite part was below.

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