Trampoline Park Tears; Our Review of Bounce Peterborough

19th April 2017

With it recently being half term I made plans with Reuben for us to have a day out, just us two. I have been conscious about doing this since the arrival of Jessica so that he doesn’t feel left out, and that we have quality time on our own. Reuben loves his trampoline and so I thought that a trampoline park could be the perfect place to go.

I spent a long time looking online at the different trampoline parks close to me. There aren’t any in my area, all of the trampoline parks are about an hour away from me.

Bounce Trampoline Park

I found Bounce Trampoline Park in Peterborough.
Looking around the website it looked like a great place to go. They advertised a Kids Court which sounded brilliant. The website said ‘the kids court allowed little ones to jump at their own speed and comfort level. Without the older kids around, the children feel right at home in an area just for them.’

This trampoline park was going to be the perfect place to take Reuben. I told him we were going to go and he was so excited.

Booking Online

Bounce require a waiver form to be completed. This can be done online and then printed to take with you. As I was online completing the waiver it made sense to book the tickets online. I booked for the 3-4 year old kids court bounce £4.99 for one hour, the parental assistant £4.99 for one hour and then we both needed to have Bounce socks which are £1.99 each.

Everything seemed reasonably priced. We booked with ease and printed everything that we needed off.

On the Day

I dropped Jessica off at Nanny and Grandad’s and Reuben and I made our way to Peterborough. It’s not the best journey from our house but the traffic was OK so we managed to get there in about 50 minutes.

The car park was free and it appeared to be quite busy, but there were plenty of spaces.

Checking In

We queued up with everyone else. I was expecting a separate queue for people who had booked online as that should be a quicker check in, but there wasn’t. In this instance booking online doesn’t speed up the check in, although you do get a slightly cheaper price. It didn’t take too long to get through.

I handed the assistant my tickets and he asked if I was bouncing. I replied that I was as I had booked the Kids Court with parent assist. He said I had booked the wrong thing, I had booked open bounce and I should have booked Billy Bounce. (Billy Bounce is their smaller children’s play area)

I explained that I didn’t want the Billy Bounce, that online it had said Kids Court and I had booked through that with the parental assist. You can imagine my shock at being told that it didn’t exist!

The assistant did say that he would stamp Reuben’s wristband so that if he didn’t like the bounce he could go in there instead.

I was pretty certain my son was not going to like the Bounce area but as we had travelled that distance, I decided we would try it.

Inside the Trampoline Park

When we went inside I was quite impressed with it initially. The area was bright and spacious and they had lots of different areas; basketball hoops and foam pits. It looked like a great place for kids that are maybe 7 or 8 upwards.

Unfortunately, as soon as we went in there Reuben was not as happy. There were lots of older kids (and adults) bouncing around quite quickly, the music was really loud and he was, well petrified. He clung to me.

After some persuasion I managed to get him over to the trampoline area. I was looking for an area that seemed quiet, unfortunately that is impossible as everyone is bouncing all over the place. Just when I had got him to stand on the trampoline, some larger kids come bouncing past him on the trampoline he was on and he burst into tears. He said he wanted to go home. As we had the stamps on his band I suggested we tried out Billy Bounce.

Billy Bounce

We went into the Billy Bounce section of the park and Reuben settled straight away. It is a very small play area with little trampolines, slides and soft play areas. It is aimed at children under 120cm in height, however the layout and size of it I would say it was more suited to under 5’s.

Reuben had a good time in here and was whizzing about all over the place. We hadn’t been in here too long and it started to attract the attention of children that were much older (and taller than the height restriction), unfortunately there wasn’t anyone supervising the entrance of the area.

We spent the 40 minutes we had in there and then we got ready to come home.


To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I had been looking forward to the day with Reuben for such a long time. Although we had a good time together, it wasn’t what I had planned. If I had known there wasn’t the Kids Bounce area then we wouldn’t have gone here. I would have looked for a different trampoline park, or I would have gone to a local soft play area.

I was also annoyed by the fact that I had paid £13.96 total for us to go to the trampoline park (including socks) and we had ended up with 40 minutes in Billy Bounce.
If I had booked Billy Bounce online it would have cost £7.98 (£4.99 for Reuben and £2.99 for me) and we would have had 3 hours in the park.

Contacting the Company

When we got home, I wrote an email to the company to complain about my experience. I emailed Peterborough and the person responsible for the parent company I wasn’t rude or offensive, I simply told them the facts, but no reply.

I have since contacted them on Facebook, however they seemed to have two Facebook Pages running, the one that I commented on seems to have been deleted.

To date I have not had a response from the company. I am pretty sure that they have received my email as they have now amended the website to advise the kids bounce is only available at Milton Keynes.

Will I be Returning

This will be a no.

In all honesty when Reuben got older I probably would have taken him back. Like I said I liked the look of the place, it was bright and had lots to do. BUT, the lack of response from the company has, for want of a better phrase, pissed me off.

It wouldn’t have taken much to apologise, offer a refund, acknowledge me in some way. Instead they seem to have taken the view that I don’t matter, my opinion and experience doesn’t matter, they will make money from everyone else. And they will. But if that is the attitude that they have then they do not deserve to have my custom, or my positive review.

*Image is not of actual trampoline park

Please note that we have not received any form of payment for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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