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Toys for All Ages with Wicked Uncle

26th March 2018

Two children, age 4 and 18 months, nieces, nephews and best friends children mean I spend what seems like forever looking for gifts. Not that I mind, I love picking gifts for people but when their birthdays are so close to one another and they are all different ages it can be difficult. It is nice to be able to find somewhere that I can buy good quality gifts for all ages. Wicked Uncle is one of these sites. I love that they have a selection of toys for up to 12 years old, that covers everyone I need to buy for.

Wicked Uncle Ordering Process

The hardest part is choosing what to order because the choice is really good.
You can search in many ways, solely by age, or by age and gender, or by category/interest. I filled the basket with far too much and then had to remove some. It does mean that I have some amazing ideas for the next gift buying session. That said, Wicked Uncle are always updating their toys and so this may well change again.

The ordering process is easy. What is also great is that you can choose to get the toy gift wrapped AND add a card if you want to. Perfect if you are cutting it fine for a birthday gift or if you’re sending it directly to the person it is intended for. I didn’t pay for fast delivery, just the standard delivery and I had the toys within a few days.

The Toys

So, that’s the adult stuff out-of-the-way! Now for the important things – the toys! So what toys did we choose? On this occasion I wanted to pick toys that both Reuben and Jessica could play with together. Reuben has so many toys that Jessica can’t play with and so at the minute he struggles to play with them (until we move, anyway!). Jessica always wants to play with Reuben and so something they could play with together was the best option.

Monster Bowling

I picked this one with Jessica in mind. It is aimed at age 2 plus and so she is still a little too young for it, but she still really likes it. You have 6 monster pins and a monster bowling ball. A traditional game which is easy to play and the monster theme makes it a little more fun.

Reuben really wants to play this, he hasn’t really been able to yet as every time he sets the pins up Jessica grabs one of the monsters and runs off. She is treating them as her baby and she walks them around in the pram and pretends to give them milk and put them to bed. What ever keeps them happy right?

I really like the monster bowling. They’re quirky and colourful. I spend ages as a child playing different forms of bowling, always with traditional skittles or with balls. It’s nice to see the game being adapted to suit younger children.

Convertible Fire Engine Book

If you haven’t seen these then you’re missing out! Seen them but can’t decide if you want to buy them, you do! We had seen these before and always said we should get one for Reuben, so I did. It has been one of the best things that we got. So, the idea is that this is a book, a play mat and then it converts to a fire engine.

I got this out whilst Jessica was napping so that Reuben could have some time on his own playing with it. We read the story together and he drove around the road. After about 20 minutes he was ready to put it away which is when I told him to watch what else it can do.

I started to put the fire engine together, it didn’t take long for him to realise what was happening. Once it was made I kid you not it was played with for about an hour and a half. Jessica was also playing with it in this time. They were in and out of it, Reuben driving, Jessica waving. Jessica laid down in it. The monsters were in there, it kept them busy for ages.

The book also folds away neatly. It’s easy to store but it is also very easy to take out with you. So, this has also been to the grandparents and it is always one of the first things that is put in the pile of toys to take. It has been very well used. The children are not very gentle playing with it and with all the climbing in and out of it, pulling it this way and that way. It has survived all the pulling, although it is starting to show the signs of a toy well-played with. The edges are fraying but it is still very usable. I don’t know how long it will last but it has made them so happy playing with it.

*We were given the toys from Wicked Uncle in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


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