Glen Farm Bell Tent

The Kids Go Glamping at Glen Farm

15th January 2019

It seems a lifetime ago now that we took the kids glamping at Glen Farm. The weeks have flown past and this is the first time I’ve had chance to actually write about our weekend away! But it was such a fab, fun packed weekend that I just have to share it.

Glamping Mini Break

With all the craziness of the house move, we landed slap bang in Reuben’s birthday without an awful lot of prep. We had decided earlier in the year that we would arrange a weekend away. We could make it a bit of a celebration for Reuben and after a hectic year we would want a break. The last time Sam and I went glamping we loved it and so wanted to take the kids to see what they thought!

I’m not very good at keeping secrets normally so surprised myself when I was able to keep this one! And for about 6 months too. I would drop little hints like “oh would you like to go camping one day” just to see that they weren’t completely against it. Obviously they weren’t.

Kids Playing by Glen Farm Bell TentSurprise! We’re going away!

This was pretty much how we told them. We had picked Jessica up from nursery and Reuben from grandparents house as it was half term. First he noticed Daddy wasn’t at work. When we set off Reuben kept saying “Why is Daddy going the wrong way?” We eventually told them we were going to stay in a tent and Reuben was all “OK” and then asked again why we was going the wrong way. He hadn’t realised that we had meant we were going camping right then. The excitement was electric at that point. From that point the “Are we there yet” chorus was repeated, a lot!

Glen Farm Glamping

We arrived early evening, about 4.30pm which in October didn’t give us a lot of day light for unpacking. Claire came out to greet us and gave us a bit of a tour. Showing us where things were, how to use the log burner. As we are local we knew about the area but she would have been more than happy to go over anything we needed to know. Claire was very friendly, and very welcoming.

We emptied the car, and got the fire / BBQ on the go ready for dinner. The kids done some exploring by way of running around like they had been locked up all day. They absolutely loved the freedom. We stayed out by the fire until it got darker and then made our way into the bell tent.

Tired Children, Small Spaces…

By this point the children were tired. We hadn’t had chance to put things away so there was quite a lot of chaos as we tried to find homes for our things. Normally this would be fine but because the children were tired and in a smaller space then what they were used to they became cranky – cue snacks whilst I cleared some space.

Once everything was stored away I was surprised as to how much room we actually had. Obviously it’s a bell tent and so it’s cosy but there was enough room for everyone to move around.

Fire on the go, ready for bed and hot chocolates all round and Reuben had already decided he loved camping.

October is Cold!

We were really lucky with our days. They were beautiful and we spent the day on Cromer beach in just our jumpers it was so warm. But by night, it was cold. Really cold. A cold Jo is, well, a nightmare! I hid under the duvet for as long as possible. Sam done a cracking job keeping the fire going as long as he could but it will inevitably go out in the night.

The kids didn’t seem bothered. Jessica woke more often in the night and so we put her in with us but Reuben wrapped up and slept for ages. He loved every minute of it, cold or otherwise.

It’s the Little Touches

At places like this I really appreciate the little touches. Glen Farm had given us some wood and kindling to start, enough for one night. They had an area where you could purchase more along with fresh eggs, with an honest box. We also had some lovely coffee, tea, and biscuits. These are such little touches but make for a great start to the mini break.

Kitchen Area at Glen FarmThere was also a play room with a football table, games and books. This was ideal. We borrowed some books to read and played some of the games on the lawn. It was just relaxing. No TV, no computers just being together.

I loved that they also had on site some home-made bird houses, planters etc. all for purchase. I didn’t have enough cash on me to get anything – the trouble with everything being contactless nowadays!


Cromer is beautiful. I hadn’t been to Cromer for quite a few years so it was lovely to spend time there on the beach. It made me realise that we are so close to such beautiful areas and yet we do not make the most of it, something that we need to correct in 2019!

View of Cromer Beach from pierGlamping Yay or Nay?

It was a massive thumbs up from the children who were sad to be leaving so soon. They loved everything about the weekend away and as soon as we left asked if we could go back. We would be silly not to go back to Glen Farm with it being so close to us, it’s perfect for a weekend. We’ve also said we need to look at more Glamping holidays a little further a field now that we know the kids love it. Do you have any suggestions for great places to stay glamping with children? Let me know…

Cromer Beach

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