Reuben in the grass

A Thank You For Looking After my Son

14th August 2018

June 18, 2014 was the day you became a part of our lives. August 17, 2018 will be the last day you that you are such a massive part of Reuben’s life. 4 years and 2 months is a long time to be in someone’s life, especially when that someone isn’t even 5 yet. As Reuben is getting ready to go to ‘big school’ I wanted to take this time to say a thank you to you all.

To The Nursery and Preschool Staff…

…Picking a nursery is difficult.
I remember coming to meet you all to see if the nursery felt right. Was it a fit? How do you even tell? You made it very easy to pick you as a nursery. You were all very lovely and welcoming and it felt right. Well, as right as it could feel to be picking someone to look after my baby, my first-born. To ‘take my place’ when I wasn’t there. Hug him if he cried. Comfort him when he fell. Be there when he wanted me.

First day back at work and we arrived. There was no rushing me out the door, yet you helped me to leave. That wasn’t easy and as the tears came in my eyes you kindly said “you can call at any time”. I knew he would be OK.

Over the years you have been there through so many of his milestones. You have seen him grow. I don’t need to tell you all the things he learned with you. You know. You helped him. He is confident. Not only because we made him confident but because you helped. He’s inquisitive. Not because we encourage questions but because you did too. He knows he is safe because WE, all of us made him feel that way. You know that he is loud and boisterous. That he learns best doing things big and loud. You know if he is quiet that there is something bothering him.

It’s not all been smooth. There have been bumps in the road, but they were just that bumps.

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Saying Goodbye to Friends.

In all the madness that is preparing Reuben (and all the other children) for school, I guess it is easy to forget how YOU feel about them leaving. We talk about how I feel that my ‘little man’ is growing up. How he feels going to school, but what about you. You’ve seem him grow for the last 4 years. You’ve helped to raise these little people and now you have to say goodbye.

I didn’t give it a thought. I didn’t give YOU a thought, that was until Sunday. The graduation party. It was clear that whilst everyone was happy to see these little bundles of energy ready for school, each of you were also going to miss them. And you have to do this every year! I’m sorry I forgot about you.

Thank you…

…So, all I have left to say is thank you.
Thank you for everything you have done for my gorgeous little boy. I know he will miss you all greatly.

Reuben getting his certificate

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