Shine Walk number and tshirt

Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research

11th September 2018

Each year I try to do a charity event, some kind of fundraising. It is normally for Cancer Research because of the wonderful work they do and in honour of my Grandad. I’ve taken part in the Race for Life 5km, Pretty Muddy 5km, and 10,000 steps a day challenge. This time I am going to be doing the Shine Night Walk.

Shine Night Walk – Cambridge

This is the first one for Cambridge. It is a 10km walk that goes around the city centre. I’ve wanted to do a night walk for ages. I really want to do the full marathon walk before I turn 40 and so I’ve started smaller and plan to work my way to that goal!

Time to Get Moving

I’ve not really spoken about this as I have been so busy trying to fit in the training for it as well as every day life, my oldest starting school oh and a house move! But I have been training. For some people 10km walking is probably no big deal but for me, I work in an office and I wasn’t really exercising. I had to work up to a big walk, especially as I struggle with my knees.

My friend and I have been following the walking plan with 2 small(ish) walks in the week and a longer walk on a Sunday. It has been going well and this last Sunday we managed 9km in about an hour and twenty minutes. We’re happy with that. We have a couple of small walks this week and then the actual 10km walk is Saturday.

Getting in the Spirit

As part of the joining fee we have got our t-shirts sent out to us. On top of that my friend has got us some face paints and I plan to take a look round some shops to see what else we can get. Any suggestions are greatly received!! We want to be bright and have fun as well as raise money for a great cause. After all, it is a Saturday night!

I’m really looking forward to it! Let me know if you’re going to be there… they’ve had to relocate from the original route as it sold faster than they were expecting so it’s going to be big. I’m sure the atmosphere will be amazing!

If you would like to sponsor us you can do so here.

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