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Share Your Story; Richarda’s Journal

21st June 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. Last week we had Anna from Milk & Mojitos who shared her story about how a Twitter friendship blossomed into business and the start of her blog! This week we have Richarda from Richarda’s Journal sharing her story on what made her stronger. Let me introduce you to her.

Richarda’s Journal

Hi, everyone!

I am Richarda. Twenty years old, born in Romania, raised in Italy and currently living in London. I wish to travel around the world, like everyone, I guess. I’ve lots of imperfections, including laziness, but I hope to have good qualities too.

I’m obsessed with makeup (am I the only one?) and I’d like to become a Professional Makeup Artist one day. Probably this is my 2018 main resolution.

I love writing and even though english is not my first language, I’m always trying to improve.

My blog is called Richarda’s Journal.
It is a personal challenge as well as a place where I write down my ideas and my experiences. I call it a challenge because I don’t often accomplish what I want to do. Here I want to challenge myself and see how hard I’ll be able to work.
On my blog you can find anything beauty & lifestyle related, if interested as well as travel posts where I share and recommend (or not) my experience.

A fun fact is that all my posts are written both in English and Italian so that I could be more helpful.

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This is What Made Me Stronger

“Have you chosen your university yet?”
This was one of my mum’s question right after I finished college. I’m sure she was expecting me to continue studying languages and she was dreaming of a great future for me.

It didn’t turn out the way she planned.

Shortly after, I had the opportunity to move out and I just jumped at it, without a second thought.
The destination: London.

London was my dream since I was a little girl. Maybe it was due to some movies or books or thanks to my English teacher. Needless to say, I never would have thought that I would live here. I thought I could visit the city one day, but nothing more.

Let me introduce myself: I am Richarda, twenty years old, born in Romania, raised in Italy and currently living in London.

Moving to a new house has never been a problem for me. Probably you don’t notice it when you’re less than ten years old and during your teenage years, if you’re lucky, you can make new friends everywhere.

I remember I lived (with my parents) in Sweden for five months as well when I was fifteen years old.

Am I destined to travel a lot? I hope so.

I was nineteen years old when I first boarded the plane for a completely new city to explore. While I was looking outside the little window, I still remember the concern I felt. I thought I wasn’t able to handle it, I thought I wasn’t going to last more than a month. Believe that I just had one thousand pounds in my pocket.

Here I am happy about my choice, one year later. It’s never been easy and I’d like to point out the word never, but I believe that it helped me a lot.

No matter how much my mum wasn’t convinced about my decision (she misses me a lot! ), she is relieved the I am now a responsible girl.

My first job, my first rent to pay, my first experiences, these are things that I won’t forget.

All of these and more things should help you grow up for better or for worse. Feeling the responsibilities, it’s a big deal but once you can handle it, satisfactions are great.

I’ve always been an independent child and now I can feel than I am even more. I believe I’m stronger, I’ve strengthened my personality and I have also refined my instinct for survival.

These are my greatest achievement, I guess. Precisely because I thought I wouldn’t last, one year and lots of sacrifices later, I find myself thinking that this is what I want. That is to say living life with my own strength and resources.

I have even learned how to cook by myself!
Well, I am improving and I am surprised about my every day progress! Imagine that just the other day I cooked my first pizza starting just from flour!

All in all, living by myself at such a young age is not easy at all. But I would always make the same decision again. Even if it’s not London and it’s another city.

If you have the possibility to move out, just do it and you’ll understand that it makes a difference.

Obviously living in London is a victory. I have never thought of myself as girl well-suited for the big city but now is one the things that I love the most! You will never get bored here and this is a place for big opportunities.

I’m 1147 (1846 km) miles away from my family (and from my precious little dog). I really miss them, but we have to set a goal and achieve it at any cost. I’m here to save some money in order to attend one of the make-up academies in London. It won’t be easy, but trying costs nothing. (I am joking!)

This is just the beginning.

It is one of the few times I tell my story and probably is the first time I write about it. Certainly, there are more exciting stories out there but what can I say, this is mine, my accomplishment. If someone else has been thought the same experience, living abroad or just move away from you family, please feel free to share your advice and opinions with me.

If you’re undecided I recommend you move out. We just have one life and challenges are made to be faced so we can all grow.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you all the best.

Wow Richarda. It must have been so difficult for you to move all this way away from your family. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

You can say hi to Richarda on her socials or my blog.

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