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Share Your Story; Queendom of Fife

28th March 2019

Welcome back to the Share Your Story series. Last week Kendra from A Rising Phoenix talking about her experience of adoption. This week Cara is here sharing her story on why you should show love every day. Over to you Cara…

Queendom of Fife

My name is Cara Forrester. I’m a full-time mum, part-time writer and blogger from Scotland. Writing has always been part of who I am and I’ve worked as a journalist as well as in PR and communications.

As well as talking about my life, I like to share what I’ve learned along the way – from how I keep mentally well to my love of yoga and mindfulness. I believe if you’re a writer you have a great gift and can use your words to change the world.

My recipe for life is to live each day to the fullest. Love with all your heart and above all, be kind and spread kindness wherever you go.

Cara from Queendom of FifeMother’s Day

Mother’s Day is upon us again. The day where we show mums a bit of thanks and love for all the hard work that we do. I have to hold my hand up here, I’m not a big fan. Of the day I mean, not the concept of love.

I’m a big fan of love!

For me, there’s not just one day to show someone you care. We should all find ways to be kinder to ourselves and others on as many days as we can, not just on a specific day! But often, you don’t learn that in life until it’s too late.

We all get caught up in the day-to-day, kids, work, house.
Let’s face it, chances are, most of your days are the same. Get up, go to work, hang on until Friday.

So many days where nothing much happens, bland, routine filled nondescript. It used to make me feel a bit sad that only a handful stand out. But I suppose the significant days are the ones that stick in the brain aren’t they? The good ones are golden. The days when our kids came into the world, weddings, birthdays, holidays. The big hitters.

Then there’s the days we want to forget. The last time we saw someone we loved, the break ups, the dark days.

One day has the power to literally change your life.

One day in August about two and a half years ago, one day cropped up that altered mine. That was the day I was diagnosed as having MS. Not a great day in the history of Cara. And following that one day, a fair few days have been challenging too.

The day I learned to inject myself with medication wasn’t that easy.
Then there was the day all the drugs were delivered and I sobbed as I put it all into my fridge. Again prob not in my top ten favs.
The day I got rushed to hospital by ambulance because I accidentally injected into my vein and gave everyone, including me, a bit of a scare because my body shut down. Turns out, on reflection, that wasn’t the best day either.

All those days taught me an important lesson though.

They were only 24 hours. They passed like every other day does.

It made me realise that the significant days always make the headlines in the story of your life. But the filler days, the silent majority days, the days you used to think of as mundane are the days you should really cherish. There are moments in those days that represent something to be grateful for. Those are the days we need to celebrate.

We all need to stop living for one or two great days and appreciate every day. Because none of us know when one day might come when everything can change. So be kind, tell people you love them.

Make a deal to start living. Every. Single. Day.

I am also a believer that we should show love to people we care about everyday and not just the ‘given’ days.

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