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Share Your Story; Milk & Mojitos

8th June 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. Last week we had the lovely Gemma from Mummy’s Waisted who shared her story about leaving her job and setting up alone. This week we have Anna from Milk & Mojitos. Quite a remarkable story surrounds how this blog was born……Over to you Anna.

Milk & Mojitos

Milk & Mojitos is a lifestyle and parenting blog, the brainchild of copywriter and editor, Anna McMahon. A fun-loving working mother, Anna shares the highs and lows of juggling family life with running her own business. Her very honest (and often humorous) musings are arranged in three categories – life, work and play – along with reviews of products and experiences she has enjoyed.

Anna from Milk & Mojitos Blog

The Story Behind Milk & Mojitos

The wonders of social media…
I was idly scrolling through my Twitter feed one night when I decided to put out a tweet advertising my copywriting, marketing and editing services (I am a professional marketer by trade). It was perfect timing for one of my new followers, The Little Horse Box, a quirky mobile bar hire business that was launching soon. The lady behind the brand contacted me to see if I could help put together some wording for her website, and a telephone conversation followed. I was provided with a brief to put the ideas that were bouncing around the horsebox owner’s head into words. This lead to further copywriting projects for TLHB and Liddy’s other business interests.

After a few months, Liddy and I decided it was about time that we met in person. Sharing a love for the occasional glass of Prosecco, we rendezvoused at a stylish wine bar in the centre of Norwich. A friendship quickly ensued – and it was over a catch-up one evening that we made plans to write a funny but informative parenting and lifestyle blog together.

Being busy mummies, constantly juggling life, work and kids, this gave us the perfect angle for our blog. Offering two different perspectives on the crazy parenting journey.

Milk & Mojitos was born, and we hit the ground running!

No sooner had we come up with a name for our blog, we called on a very talented designer friend Daniel, to create the Milk & Mojitos logo (which I love!). The instructed a website designer to put together some ideas for our page. We secured all our social media handles, and booked a photography shoot with local photographer, Janie, to provide an image bank of quality pictures.

It all happened so quickly…

We officially launched in early January, receiving such fabulous positive feedback from new readers and social media friends. It wasn’t long before our following increased from a handful of family and friends, to thousands of devoted followers. What became clear, however, was that our skill sets could not have been more different – where I have a passion for writing, Liddy preferred the visual side, and in April, she decided to brand off on her own, to take on the fashion world.

Since then, the blog has become something of my second child. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting my teeth stuck into a variety of topics, and I’ve even learned a thing or two about photography, including how to pose for the camera – something that would have been extremely foreign to me prior to Milk & Mojitos. The blog has given me a new lease of life, and I’m so excited to see where it might lead. It is my dream to write a best-selling novel one day, so who knows what the future has in store? But, for the moment, it’s full steam ahead, and I’m loving every second!

If you haven’t given Milk & Mojitos a follow, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a look.

Milk & Mojitos Blog

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