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15th March 2019

Welcome back to the Share Your Story series. Last week Dayma from Women Undefined wrote about depression. This week, Michelle from MediumsNetwork is sharing her story on abilities. Here she is.


I live in Kent, in the South East of the UK. I’ve a BA (Hons) in English, American Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Kent. I’m fluent in three languages, English, French and Farsi (Persian) and a columnist in an international newspaper.

Five News, Sunday Express magazine, BBC South East and ITV news have featured my personal story. Including the lead up to the publication of my first book. Both challenging and confronting, I have a condition called Metatropic Dysplasia, which is extremely rare. It affects only a small number of people around the world.

I am the author of a book called “Timothy Bloom’s Supernatural Adventure.” The book achieved a rating of no. 8 on the best-selling children’s books and five stars on Amazon. “The Second Chance A School at Elder Wood.” is the second book in the trilogy and the third instalment is “Easy Ridge: A School with a Difference.” The books are available online and in all good book shops.

At the age of fourteen I had to have an eight-hour surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. It subsequently involved me having to wear a metal neck halo brace and plaster jacket for eight months. It was a restrictive time but it showed me that while life may not always be what you think. That doesn’t mean that you can not make your mark. Define who you are and make the most of what you do have.

It was for the whole of the recovery time that I had to remain on a bed in our living room. And it was during those long days, whilst I was studying for my GCSE exams that I desperately longed for something to help focus my energy. I found that source through writing.

I feel that having overcome many problems throughout my life including life threatening operations and having to face up to problems about my health with my family and to go on to have my books published, highlights the fact that you should not let anything halt you and that you should always positively strive for your ambitions.

Combining my own story with my literary pursuits, I hope will be a positive step in providing inspiration for other people who may have been, or still are, in a similar situation to that which I have been. Hopefully, it will provide a little hope that good things can come out of seemingly difficult situations.



Everybody has their own abilities. Positive attributes that make them feel happy and confident at certain tasks or objectives.
It could be achievements that have brought about a stronger, or more defined ability. Or an inherent talent that has been with you since birth. But what can matter is how that particular trait is nurtured.

Hi. My name is Michelle Lloyd and I have had a rare, genetic condition since birth.
Basically my joints have weakness all through my body and I have to use a set of wheels to get about. Nifty though they are, many might perceive my situation as physically limiting, but I try to alter that particular opinion.

Michelle & Parents - MediumNetworkMy parents, family and friends have given me that scope to take my abilities further. Not concentrating on my physical obstacles has been a motivation for me, it means that instead I endeavour to focus on what I can do. Never underestimate the power of words and shared experience. There can be turning points or defining moments when that little bit of “I’ve been there and this is what happened to me…” can mean to a someone. That insight is inspirational.

Recognising your own abilities, as in what you positively do well at in life, is a skill in itself. There can be many people who are brilliant but do not acknowledge or realise what it is that they can do. Being able to harness potential can be influential not only to the person themselves but in what they can achieve in their field for others.


It does not matter at what stage of life one might be at or who they are, encouragement is important. We all need it or could use it.

Writing has been that lifeline for me.
In being able to write I find a freedom.

I might not physically traverse boundaries, but mentally I can motivate minds. It is because of this that I actively provide inspirational quotes and motivational mindsets on mediumsnetwork, both on Twitter and Facebook.

There have been multiple occasions when people have missed out on opportunities because they have not felt that they have been good enough. Encouragement should be appropriate and particular to the person. As if it is justified. Then it can spur someone on far further than they might think is possible.

In the children’s stories that I write, I include motivational philosophy in each and every tale. Reading has always been such a positive influence for me and from an early age my mum encouraged me to fill my world with words!

Reading and writing were both skills that I could master, and at times when medical treatments meant I had to stay relatively still for recovery, the opportunity to do either, was extremely cherished.

Personally ascribed encouragement and passion from my parents has given me that boost when I needed it most. Life is not easy. As experienced as I am at physically manoeuvring what I can not do, my belief in myself could have easily diminished had it not been for my parent’s encouragement, and my writing.

I update the Children’s Stories section of mediumsnetwork each Wednesday and there are three levels of reading abilities aimed at different stages of readers. Illustrations and rhyme accompany level one stories. Easily used as a reading tool and accessible to a wide audience I hope that this will be a resource that everybody, parents and children can utilise to enhance reading, inspiration and compassion.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your story. You have achieved so much to be proud of.

You can find Michelle’s stories over on MediumsNetwork

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