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Share Your Story; Life Got Me Like

16th August 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. Last week  Natalie from Crazy Little Thing Called Love shared her story on disastrous dates and finding love. This week I have Joey from Life Got Me Like sharing her story on “finding her way”. Over to you Joey…

Life Got Me Like

I write about lifestyle, mom things, adoption and foster care, with the occasional travel and recipe post. I love to keep it real and relatable for my readers so we all can feel normal in this crazy thing called life!

Joey from Life Got me Like

Finding My Way

I started getting teased from a very young age.

I’m part French, part Native American, part Irish. Out of all three the French genes rule the roost! That being said, I was a very hairy child, and was called “Monkey” from the tender age of five. From there, I only added to the torture with an incredibly long, incredibly brutal awkward stage.

In 4th grade I got braces. I was a foot taller than everyone, weighed probably 90lbs soaking wet, had a pretty impressive unibrow and a moustache the boys were jealous of (I told you it was brutal). Oh, and add to that, I got giant boobs and my period in 6th grade, so there’s that.

Needless to say, I wasn’t short on things for people to make fun of.

Middle school for me, as I’m sure for most people, was terrible.

Trying so hard to fit in, to be the “cool kid”. The fashion didn’t help either! Such ill-fitting, giant, over-sized “NoFear” t-shirts, baggy jeans and flannels. These clothing trends really did nothing to make you feel pretty, or that you weren’t wearing pj’s all day. And I was even a tom boy!

I went through all of middle school pretty much hating the way I looked. Wishing that I was shorter, skinnier, didn’t have a unibrow or moustache! (Later on I did discover Nair. That helped to get rid of those problems, but Lord that stuff sucked to use!)

I would look through my magazines and look at all the girls who were seemingly perfect, and then look in the mirror and hate what I saw.

It wasn’t until my Sophomore year of high school, that I finally decided I didn’t give a shit anymore!

I was tired of killing myself to be liked by the “popular” kids. Trying to fit in by being something that I wasn’t, and I’d had enough! I decided to embrace who I was. To love the skin I was in. And I was going to help others do the same!

I didn’t care if the “popular” kids liked me, because what does that even mean anyway? To be popular?
If it meant I had to be mean to other people who were different, or who weren’t considered “cool”, then I didn’t want to be popular. I remember when I tried out for the cheerleading team my senior year, and people came up to me and said, “I’m so glad there’s finally a nice cheerleader!” That was huge to me! I would so much rather be known as the ‘nice girl” than the “hot cheerleader”.

I wanted people to remember that I was fair, I treated them as equals, and that I stood up to the bullies who made fun of other people.

I got in my first fist fight with a boy who tried to beat up my best friend because he was gay. It was short-lived, but made a point. And you know what happened? Other people started to do it with me! Not fight, but stand next to me and stick up to the bullies! We started a movement in our school, and it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Until the bullies didn’t want to say anything anymore because there were so many of us!

I became a cheer coach and a hairstylist after high school. With those jobs I’m able to reach so many people and help them to see their worth. I am a firm believer that we are all amazing, awesome, different human beings with something special and unique to offer the world!

I will forever continue to help fight the battle of bullies and inequality around me, and encourage others to do the same! As My senior yearbook says, and to quote the amazing Bette Midler, 

“You’re beautiful dammit!”

Thank you Joey. Absolutely brilliant read! Bullies can be very mean, by standing up to them you will have made a big difference. From feeling alone to having someone stand next to you and accept you for who you are. Amazing feeling!

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