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Share Your Story; GenieBaby

20th December 2018

Welcome back to the Share Your Story series. Last week the talented Emma from Emma Lord Photography shared her memories of her Grandparents house and was just lovely. This week Stephanie from GenieBaby is sharing her story on starting up her own business, over to you Stephanie.


We are a husband (Thomas) and wife (Stephanie) team and, more recently, are a mother and father to a beautiful 3 month old.

Our working backgrounds differ massively, one a nurse and the other an online marketer, and together we decided to set up GenieBaby which loosely combined both of our expertise.

We’re enjoying being new parents and are learning A LOT along the way.

The Story of GenieBaby

When we discovered the news that we were expecting our first child, we started to jump into the black hole of finding lots of different products to help with becoming a parent and the choice was vast.

In fact, my husband (who loves a new gadget) spent hours searching for a video baby monitor for the nursery and he felt a lot of his time was wasted trying to get to the product we eventually chose.

From this experience, we saw a clear need for parents like us who buy products online, or research them online before buying on the high street, to be able to browse and find the perfect products all in one place. So, almost overnight, we started planning what would eventually become GenieBaby.

The Journey So Far

We’ve spent a lot of hours getting GenieBaby to the point it is now and we’re always adding lots of new products each week, but it’s been a fun adventure.

From planning how GenieBaby might look, to its functionality through to trying to raise the awareness of it to new and soon-to-be parents on social media, we’re starting to make real progress and are excited at how many people are already using the website.

At the moment we are both helping to make the website grow during our spare time but the aim is to be able to spend much more time building GenieBaby to become the first choice for parents looking for baby products. We are always looking at new ways we can make the website better but the feedback so far has been overwhelming.

We’ve already brought a lot of well-known brands on board including Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Uber Kids and Baby Monitors Direct to name but a few, and this list is continually growing.

How Do You Use GenieBaby?

GenieBaby is, first and foremost, a product comparison website. This means you can find products across a number of areas (i.e. nursery furniture, car seats, toys, feeding equipment and so on) and easily add them to a compare list and see them side-by-side. There is a little comparison icon () on each product which adds it to a list and you can compare multiple products at once.

Once you find the product you want to buy, you can click to buy the product and it will take you to the merchant that you can purchase it from.

Alongside being a product comparison website, our aim is to build a community of parents through informative advice-led articles too and are hoping to get as many bloggers involved with it as we can.

Side Note: We have actually started a new series called ‘Don’t Worry, Be Parents’ and is advice from current parents to help new parents with their new adventure by giving them their one piece of advice. It’s quite a fun series and we’d love to get help from parenting bloggers, so if you’re interested please do get in touch with us on social media (links below).

Stay Tuned

As mentioned earlier, we’re trying our very best to keep updating the website and we are working with more and more brands to add their products, so it is always worth checking back weekly to see what has been newly added.

We hope you’ll join our journey and help us with our blog features in the future, and we would really like to thank Pickle & Poppet for giving us this opportunity to share our story.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story and a site that is bound to help thousands of other parents!

If you would like to speak to Stephanie then head over to her socials;


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