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Share Your Story; Fashionably Yours

6th September 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. Last week Claire was sharing tips on her business of helping others to save money. I definite read! This week we have the lovely Luisa from Fashionably Yours with her guide on how to be Positively Influential online. Let me introduce you…

Fashionably Yours

Luisa is a professional fashion stylist, editor and the founder of Online Personal Stylist. She started blogging about fashion and make-up in 2009 before focusing more on fashion and style from a professional’s point of view from 2015, after training as a professional fashion stylist and editor.

Luisa from Fashionably Yours

A Fashion Blogger’s Guide to Being Positively Influential Online

I first started blogging 9 years ago. During this time, I have learned and observed a lot about the way we utilise the internet. Today it appears that our sole focus in on personal branding. Personally, I don’t think anybody quite does personal branding like the millennial. Even those who use the internet for nothing more than personal use find a way of presenting themselves well and creating an online persona.

How many times has a strategically styled picture on social media stimulated your cravings for a cup of coffee or a tasty snack?

As a professional fashion blogger and stylist, who spends a lot of time online and on social media, I understand that the web is a powerful place. Personally, I feel that there is a difference between being encouraged to be our best selves and competing with the unrealistic ideals. Here are my thoughts on understanding the influential world of social media and using this tool in a healthy way.

Share Online. Live Offline.

A few months ago I wrote a piece on how, for some people, social media is like The Mirror of Erised (from the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). You can while away hours, days, years – even your life on social media. So many people try desperately hard to curate a lifestyle online to show their audience how they live, when in actual fact – they’re not living at all. You can pour hours into creating something make-believe to stare back at you through the screen.

This is why I compare an unhealthy social media obsession with the Mirror of Erised (which spelled backwards means: “desire”). Through the screen we see what we desire. But unless we take action and do something from the mortal side, we will never truly experience what we appear to be seeing on the other side of the glass (may it be either a fictional mirror or your very real screen through which you access the internet). If you’re going to be successful online, if you want to produce an interesting piece of content then you need to have done something interesting to share. Businesses blossom online. However, the act of living should be enjoyed offline.

How to Market Your Personality

We like it when a friend recommends quality products, services and forms of entertainment. We like to buy products that make us feel closer to our idols that are associated with them. It’s like being “cool by association”. Sometimes it only takes a similar taste in “one-hit-wonders” to form an emotional connection with somebody! This is why bloggers and content creators are so important in a brand’s marketing strategy. A blogger or other form of content creator has a solid crowd of followers with whom they have an amazing connection.

Luisa from Fashionably Yours looking in mirror

When trying to get new followers and new clients onboard, you need to make your potential customer feel incomplete without you and your product – incomplete, but never inadequate! My first job after leaving school was as an English language teacher. One of the first things I learned was to make my students feel empowered by what they’d already learned, but eager to learn more. Asking “do you understand?” belittles them and undermines their intelligence. So, instead you must communicate with them using their existing knowledge, but encourage them to want to improve and perfect their already fantastic progress! As teachers, we would use language that our students knew and understood to get them to their next level, rather than baffling them with terms they didn’t recognise. This is exactly what you should be doing when marketing your personality online and when communicating with your following.

Have Fun and Be Honest

Being a professional fashion and editorial stylist, as well as a blogger, I’m lucky to be able to absorb the online world in a very healthy way because my two roles are contrasting. One of the things that first appealed to me about the blogging world was its honesty. If you have a talent or a message to share, you can use your blog to convey your thoughts and art. While it is not quite the same these days, I do believe that passionate bloggers still share this quality and therefore they come across most authentic. In my experience, no matter whether you curating or consuming content, if you can just be honest with yourself and have fun, you will be much better off. What I mean by this is that if you’re curating content, you’ll find it much easier if you are honest and not trying to be something you’re not. On the other hand, content consumers should remember that you shouldn’t compare your chapter one with somebody else’s chapter twenty! If you’re honest with yourself regarding what you see and share on social media and the internet, you’ll develop a healthy relationship with these digital destinations from which you won’t feel the need to escape!

Thanks Luisa for sharing your tips. Some really useful knowledge that you have shared there. I think you can tell when someone is writing honestly, especially with “from the heart” topics.

If you would like to support Luisa, or check out some more content then pop over to her socials;

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