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30th August 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. Last week  Jo from Cup of Toast Blog spoke about what it was like learning and working with Sing and Sign classes. This week we are talking all things business with Claire who writes over at Daily Deals UK sharing all her tips on saving money…

Daily Deals UK Blog

I’m Claire, an accident prone, tattooed, work at home mum of 5 from Cardiff.
I am CEO of a web design company and recently, during a terrible pregnancy (twins), decided to start-up my life long dream of blogging, finding bargains and saving money, which will in turn hopefully lead to my other life long dream of being able to afford a cleaner and a nanny 😉 

Is working from home with kids worth it?

Claire from Daily Deals baby peering over laptop

With the rising costs of childcare and so many children to juggle, I decided that for my family and me personally, going out to work wasn’t an option, so in 2000 I started looking for WAH (work at home) positions.  

I first delved in to the ‘Work from Home’ world in a customer service role for arise who provide customer services for  After 7 years there, earning fantastic money, one day I simply decided that I had enough and that I would like to become my own boss. Working my own hours, doing something I actually enjoyed. So I quit!

I spent 1000s of hours teaching myself Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation, and launched my first company ‘Cardiff Web Services’ which is still my main source of income today.

In June 2015 I found out I was pregnant and carrying twins.

The pregnancy was complicated and I became very ill with obstetric cholestasis and horrendous morning sickness.   I had to spend 90% of my pregnancy in bed.  I only got out to do the school run and as soon as my partner got home from work I was straight back in bed.  It was in this time of reflection that I decided to follow my dreams and launch my blog “Daily Deals UK”.

In the world of web design a website like Daily Deals UK is a mammoth task for any web designer, but I decided to take it step by step, piece by piece and eventually created the blog, from scratch…whilst looking after newborn twins! The website and research took over a year to complete and hundreds more hours of blood, sweat and tears (literally) 

It’s not your average deal blog, it has voucher codes, daily deals, sales information and the elusive online retail glitches. The website also hosts a money-saving blog for tips on everything from saving money, finding freebies, acquiring cost priced items, frugal living, finding coupons, seasonal savings, recycling items, slashing debt, cutting costs, reducing bills, cheap days out and much more. 

Claire from Daily Deals baby sitting on laptopMy main objective was to create a business I could work around my family and that ultimately I could do from home.  The best part about it is that it’s something I love doing.  I have always loved deal finding forums from the beginning of the internet. Martin Lawrence MSE forum was my inspiration. 

It can be a lot of hard work sometimes because the deals are never-ending and I run the entire company on my own, I can’t even ask my family to help because they are all technophobes.  But that said, it doesn’t feel like a job, more like a hobby (that I spend too much time on).  

The best part about it is that as I am finding deals for the community.

I am bagging them for my own family, and whilst I’m blogging about all things to do with saving money, I am implementing them in to my own household.  I managed to save an absolute fortune last Christmas.

The twins are now 21 months old and it’s still a lot of hard work. People don’t realise that when you work from home you’re also still expected to run the house, do all the cooking, cleaning and all the other stuff that comes with running a family home. You never get a minutes peace to work and sometimes I feel guilty for saying mummy is working to the children, but when all’s said and done, I wouldn’t change a thing.

But I will admit, I do dream of days when the twins start nursery and life gets a little less hectic.

If I can do it anyone can…

In a nutshell, I would say to anyone thinking of quitting their job to work from home, it’s a LOT of work. You won’t get rich overnight, but if you work your socks off you can get your dream job, regardless of age, experience or qualifications and never let anyone tell you any different. Society would have had me down as a statistic, I had my first child aged 14 and dropped out of school shortly after.  Everything I have achieved has been alone and from utter determination. 

Thank you Claire for sharing your story, such an inspiration! If you would like to check out Claire’s tips on saving money or find some good codes then you can find her here…

Daily Deals UK Blog


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