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22nd February 2018

Welcome back to another week of the “Share Your Story” series. Last week I introduced you to the lovely Caro from The Cuckoo Mama. Caro shared her story on her journey through infertility, IVF and long wait for her son. This week we have Shelby from Blondie & The Blog, who is sharing her story on why it is important to do things that make you happy. Here’s the lovely lady now……

Blondie & The Blog

My name is Shelby. I’m 22 years old and a recent graduate of the University of Louisville. I received my B.A in Communication and I have always wanted to work with writing/social media/public relations. I began living out this dream by starting my own blog, Blondie & the Blog.

B&TB was created to be an inspiring resource for blogging advice, travel, lifestyle hacks, and motivation to be your own GirlBoss. I also do fashion posts on my Instagram, as it is another passion I have!

My Story

About a month before I graduated from college, I desperately started searching for a job. The pressure started to rise as I began to think that everyone would see me as a loser if I had nothing going for me after college. While I began sending my resume to multiple companies, I was astounded at how much rejection I was receiving. After fifty applications, I finally got one interview for a job that I didn’t really want, but it gave good pay and seemed like it would make my family happy. After the interview, I was hired on the spot. I was actually really excited at first, just to know that I had a job lined up and it would make me feel “successful.” 

A few weeks go by and I dread my job.

I felt like I was stuck in a cubicle where clients on the phone felt free to argue with me all day. I honestly thought to myself, “Is this what the rest of my life was supposed to be like?”
There were some nights I would go home and cry, thinking that I had worked so hard in college to be unhappy.

On New Year’s Eve, I sat at home with my boyfriend and burst into tears, letting him know how I have been feeling. Right before the clock struck midnight, I knew I had to make some changes in my life. I decided that my New Year’s resolution was to do things that made ME happy, not what my parents or society wanted me to do. 

So the next day on the job, I quit.

I talked it over with my supervisor and left my badge on my desk. I got myself a new job that makes me much happier, and decided to devote more of my time into writing and blogging. The amount of weight that was lifted off of my shoulders was indescribable. 

laptop and wooden bricks that say dreamBasically, the moral of my story is that life is short, do whatever the hell makes YOU happy.

Never feel like you have to do something based off of what someone else thinks you should do. 


Thanks so much for sharing your story Shelby. It must be extremely difficult to continue in job that makes you unhappy. At least it encouraged you to chase your dreams. 

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