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Share Your Story; BeauLife

1st November 2018

Welcome back to the Share Your Story series. Last week  Jenna from Glitz & GlaMom sharing her story on dealing with changes in friendships after children. This week we have Huda from BeauLife explaining what it is like for her living as an introvert. Let me introduce me to her now…


Hello everybody!
I’m Huda, a 23-year old living in UAE but originally from Pakistan. I currently work full-time and run my blog- BeauLife.

My passion for makeup and all things beauty led to start this blog. I now incorporate everything from makeup, lifestyle and blogging tips on there. Some of my favourite things in life are my blog, food (of course) and books!

Life As An Introvert

For the longest time society has perceived introverts as less than extroverts. Whether it be school or the workplace, people who are more outspoken and sociable are seen as more competent than those who would rather sit alone and read a book. I am an introvert and I want to share with you all the struggles I have faced due to being an introvert. Also, how I finally came to accept and love myself for the person that I am!

Woman Looking out to seaUndermining My Abilities

Due to being an introvert, I feel as if my abilities have always been somewhat undermined by people.
I remember being a kid in school; I was very shy and quiet. I’d never raise my hand to answer the questions, or go out of my way to talk to the other kids. That is not to say I was not good at studies, however I always dreaded the end of term report.

It bothered me that instead of focusing on my good grades and me being a well-behaved student, the teachers focused on how I needed to talk and mingle more in class. I was too ‘quiet’ and kept to myself too much. These things always made me feel like there was something wrong with me. At the end of the day, I could not control who I was. I totally understand that kids are supposed to learn social skills at school but I believe it would be so much better if we focused more on the students’ accomplishments instead of what they lacked!


Being labelled is not something anybody likes.
We all are such unique and complex beings that labelling us with one word really takes away from all that we are. As an introvert, I have been labelled as a ‘quiet’, ‘shy’ or ‘reserved’ person my entire life. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being those things. I understand that now but back then, it felt that is all who I was.

What about my other qualities such as being a good listener, being reflective, feeling everything too deeply, being adventurous and loving new things. Why did people not focus on those? The worst was being called out in large groups of people as ‘the quiet person’. Meeting someone new and others introducing you to them as a ‘quiet person’.

Labelling people is something that we as a society need to stop. We all have something to offer. It is such a shame that instead of motivating people to be themselves, we make them feel bad for it!

Accepting Myself

It took me a really long time to accept myself for who I am.
For the longest time, I used to hate myself for not being an outgoing and outspoken person. In the recent years, the awareness of how introverts are just equally as important as extroverts has increased and people’s mindsets have begun to change which I and I am sure all the introverts out there are so grateful for.

At the end of the day, what really helped me was the realisation that I could either accept myself for who I was and make the most of this life or I could spend the rest of my life hating who I am and trying to be somebody else. I happily choose the first option every day as there is so much more to give and offer to the world when I am 100% myself.

I love being an introvert and being able to spend time by myself and not craving the attention of others. I love that I am passionate. I love having deep conversations about everything and anything. I urge you all to embrace yourselves. I know it is not easy but as the quote goes, “nobody can be a better you than YOU”!


Thank you Huda for sharing your story! You’re right about embracing yourself and being you.

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