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Share Your Story; Adrian Jr. A. Maronilla

11th April 2019

Welcome back to the Share Your Story series. Last time Cara from Queendom of Fife spoke about showing love to each other all the time, not just on ‘special’ days. This week Adrian from Adrian Jr. A. Maronilla is sharing his story on his inspirational journey. Over to you Adrian.

Adrian Jr. A. Maronilla

Hi! I am Adrian Jr. A. Maronilla, the blog writer of A1D6I Inspiration and the author of the soon to be launched Self Help and Inspirational Book: Proverbs of a Silent Author (my 57,000 word and 245 page masterpiece). I’ve started writing at the early age of five, and literally since then. I never stopped.

But, who is really the author behind all the articles, poetry and quotations?

Allow me to start once again.


The Author Re-told

Hi! I am Adrian Jr. Alvarez Maronilla from the Republic of the Philippines. I am a graduating 4th year AB Economics student from the University of Santo Tomas. You know, Sure, there may be humps and trepidations along the way, but I ensure that everything I work hard for is WORTH THE SWEAT.

I’ve always been the youngest in my school batches. Graduated grade school at 9, high school at 13 and college at 18. It’s affirmative that age is a double-edged sword. There would always be people who would doubt you and your capabilities. On the bright side, you’ll graduate at an early age, opening you to the possibilities of taking up a second degree or picking up a master’s title. In my case, I’ll be pursuing law.

My age never stopped me from performing whatever I wished to do. At this point of time, I’m like a horse with a fly cap on doing whatever it takes to reach and achieve all my dreams in life. If there is one lesson I want to preach to my age group, it is:

“Age is just a number. It’s a numerical value for people to see how far you’ve gone, but it must never define how far you’ll go. Limits are all figments of our wildest imaginations. Beyond that, they are nothing else, and it’s up to you if you choose to personify them.”

Yes, it’s true that most people say that I am too matured for my age. But I believe that it is by my life experiences, hustles, bustles and struggles, all shined with the grace of God that formed me into what I am right now. I’m very proud of where I’ve been, what I am doing currently and where I m going to.

I live up by these 3 Core Principles:

  1. You turn your strength into strengths.
  2. Fighting for what is right is as good as winning.
  3. When you’ve done your best, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty for you to reap.

On the 31st October 2017, I realised that my thoughts could no longer remain as intangible substances anymore. They need to be written and shared to the needy majority. I started blogging. Not to be boastful or anything. But weeks had only gone by, when I was starting to be received very good feedback from readers online. Regarding my articles bloggers were requesting me to write on certain topics, which I gladly responded to. Honestly, it was never the likes or followers I wanted to increase. I desired to double or triple my audience, in order that my prose and poetry could achieve its purpose, bless the hopeless. The chats and comments of strangers regarding how my texts helped them deal with their problems, never ceases to put a smile on my face. My awareness that I had done something to help a brother/sister, keeps me going on writing. I don’t find writing as a tough job; it’s my hobby, my safe haven! I allow my hands to dance to the rhythm of the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

My tip to writers and aspiring bloggers:

It’s difficult to be consistent, but do try to be persistent.
Don’t be disappointed when things don’t go as the way you’ve planned. There is always another way.

I thank the author of this blog for inviting me to write in her amazing site. Truly an honour!

I am Adrian. A Proud Self Help and Inspiration Author. A Thomasian Economist. A Child of God.

Thank you Adrian for sharing your story.

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