Sensse Facial Toner

Facial Massage Courtesy of Sensse Facial Toner

30th July 2017

I love pampering myself. One of my favourite things to do is going to the spa and have some luxury treatments and unwind. As you can imagine the chance to do this with two children is, well scarce. So, I’ve taken to bringing a touch of the spa to my home.

We were given the opportunity to try out the new Sensse Facial Toner. A perfect addition to my home spa treatment kit if I do say so myself! And a must have for yours! That’s right, you need to have this in your life, let me tell you why.

Sensse Facial Toner

The Sensse facial toner has two hot and two cool settings. The settings are:

Hot Mode where the bar reaches temperatures of 42 degrees celsius. This setting helps increase blood circulation, relaxes your face muscles and smoothes wrinkles.
Hot Pulsing Mode allows for your pores to remain open and increases absorption of your chosen moisturiser.
Cold Pulsing Mode allows for your pores to close locking in your moisturiser and prevents dirt build up.
Cold Mode which sits at a temperature of 6 degrees celsius. This will help to sooth sore face muscles and relieve skin fatigue. It will also help with reducing redness and puffiness leaving your skin bright.

Sensse Facial Toner

Using the Sensse Facial Toner

You are to use this for no more than two minutes at a time. Doesn’t really sound that long does it? Now look at your face and think how long you spend moisturising. If you’re anything like me it normally consists of a baby wipe to remove make up and a quick moisturise before bed if you get the time, unless you’re having someone do it for you!!

Now two minutes feels like a long time doesn’t it? It is a good amount of time, not too long and not too short.

In that two minutes you are supposed to run through each of the cycles.
On the first use I was too keen. Put on some moisturiser whacked onto warm pulsate and spent two minutes massaging my face. It was amazing. Even Sam noticed my face looked different. But, I hadn’t gone through the cycle, didn’t use the cool cycle, didn’t close my pores and woke with a spot. Coincidence? Maybe, but unlikely.

Sensse Facial Toner

I’m pleased to say I’ve not made that mistake since.
I’ve read all of the instructions and have been using the toner properly (there’s not many instructions to read. I was just too excited to have something arrive for ME that I didn’t read them first).

I wish I could say I use it daily but I’m a working mum of two, I don’t have time to do it every day. But the days I do use it my skin does feel better and noticeably smoother. Like I said, the hubby has made comment after I’ve used it (miracle) and the next day my make up goes on so much better.

Do you use this, or maybe a different Sensse product? Let me know what you love below!


We were given the facial toner in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


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