Sensse Eye Massager

Energised Eyes With SENSSE Eye Massager

20th August 2017

If you’re a regular here you will know that I recently reviewed the SENSSE Facial Massager and loved it! So, when I was asked if I wanted to try out the Eye Massager it really was a no-brainer! I was so excited when it arrived.

SENSSE Eye Massager

eye massagerWhen the eye massager arrived I was keen to have a look and see what it was like. As the kids were up I had a bit of a wait until bedtime (I did consider sending them to bed early but 5pm was deemed too early, although I beg to differ to some degree). Anyway I digress.

Kids in bed, I open up my parcel. You cannot fault the branding. I just love it, so clean and it looks premium. Unfortunately it took a bit of wrestling with the box to get it open. It was such a tight fit, I have no idea why but it took a few minutes just to get into the box.

In the box you get the eye massager and a little bag to store it in if you want to. It probably isn’t needed as the eye massager is about the length of a pen and would fit into your make up bag perfectly. That said if you want to keep it clean of make up the bag will come in handy. The only thing it doesn’t come with (and it is pretty crucial really) is the AAA battery. Now it wasn’t a problem for me, I have children who have so many toys that need batteries that I have spares. (OK, not spares we stole a battery out of a less played with toy. Bad Mummy, but I needed to try out my eye massager.) Digressing again, sorry. So no battery included I do think that for the cost of the eye massager a battery could have been included.

There are two settings;

Cleansing Mode

To use the cleansing mode you need to move the switch up on the side of the eye massager. This will turn the LED light blue. The eye massager will not start to work until it has made contact with the skin. This mode is for cleaning the skin of any impurities away that may produce spots.

Moisturising Mode

To set this you need to move the switch on the eye massager down. This time the LED light will turn red. Again the eye massager will not pulsate until it has made contact. This mode has faster vibrations than on the cleaning mode which should help with absorption of your chose moisturise and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Using The SENSSE Eye Massager

eye massager on make up tableThis time I read the instructions. This thing was going near my eyes and so I wasn’t taking any chances of fluffing it up.

The first time that I used this I wasn’t convinced. I pressed much too hard on the eye massager which in turn meant it felt like it was being dragged around my eyes. That wasn’t a nice feeling.

From then on when I have used it I have applied moisturiser, this has helped it glide easier. I also find it much easier to be sat in front of a mirror when I’m using it so I can see where I am using it, and avoid my actual eyeball. Sometimes I am still pushing too hard but it is getting easier the more I use it.

The recommendation is to use it everyday, I have not been and that has been by choice. I am conscious that the eye area is quite delicate and so I don’t like to put too much cream there and so using a vibrating eye massager on that area daily doesn’t sit well with me. I have been trying to use it every other day.

When I use it, and use it correctly, it does feel really nice on my skin. I have been using it for just over a week, at the moment I haven’t seen any difference in my eyes, although it has been nice to include something else into my ‘pamper myself’ routine. Hopefully with a bit more use I will notice a difference.

Give Away

That’s right! Not only was I lucky enough to receive an eye massager but I have one to giveaway.

See below for ways to enter, the competition expires on 18 September 2017. Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions.

Win A SENSSE Ultrasonic Eye Massager #5
Please note that we were given the eye massager in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


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