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Sensio Steamer; A Healthier Meal

27th February 2018

2018. The year dedicated to a healthier me, a more positive me! As I get older I have realised that I am the only person who can change my life. The only person that can turn the complaints into achievements. For that reason, I made the choice that 2018 was going to be the year that I looked after myself more. Less complaining, more doing. So I started a positivity jar, decided to practise Pilates and made the decision that I needed to eat healthier. Not to lose weight but to be the healthiest I could be. And not just for me, but for my children as well. So, when I was given the opportunity to try out the Sensio Steamer, I thought the time was perfect.

The Sensio Steamer

This is a three-tiered 800W steamer. The 6.8 litre capacity means that it is perfect for cooking for the whole family. Steaming food is such a healthy way of cooking as it doesn’t use any fats or oils. It comes with a 60 minute timer on a dial which allows you to ensure that you do not overcook your food, keeping it full of the nutrients and vitamins that are good for you.

There is a drawer that you can pull out which allows you to fill up the water level if it is getting low. A feature that I love, especially as I had to remove all the baskets and tray with my last steamer. And when you’re finished using it, the baskets stack inside each other neatly, minimising the amount of storage space you need.

Sensio SteamerCooking with theĀ Sensio Steamer

It is very easy to use the steamer. Inside the base there are your minimum and maximum full lines. Once you have filled to required level, it really is as easy as filling the trays and stacking them. Select your time and let it cook. All you really need to do is make sure it doesn’t run out of water. Cooking with it really couldn’t be simpler, especially as you can put your whole dinner in there.

I love that the Sensio Steamer comes with your instruction manual, but inside it they tell you what you can cook in the steamer. How much water you need and how long it should take to cook perfectly. They also suggest ways to spice the food up a bit from adding herbs to the food to adding wine into the steaming water. Things that you probably wouldn’t think about doing, or certainly I hadn’t.

You are able to use the steamer to cook most foods. Gone are the days of using it just for your vegetables. You can still use it for steaming vegetables but you can also put in fish, chicken, or rice. There’s even egg holders for steaming your eggs. It really can cater for your whole meal.

Sensio SteamerOverall Thoughts…..

Are that I really like the steamer. It does what it says it will do, what you need it to do.
I used to love my previous steamer but at the time i only used it for vegetables. It wasn’t being used often enough. I wasn’t creative enough, I didn’t realise to what extent I could use it. Now I have the timings in my manual and can see exactly what I can use it for I am sure it will be used all the time. It’s an added bonus that it doesn’t need you to be in the kitchen cooking, put it on and let it do its thing. Meaning I can just pop back to check on the water fill and spend the time with my children, or doing all the other jobs!

If you would like to buy one for yourself, you can do so here.

**Please note we were sent the Sensio Steamer in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.
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