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Fun, Ad Free Screen Time with Hopster

20th December 2017

Whether we like it or not screen time is a part of every day life. From watching the television to playing games on a tablet, there is no escaping it. When I first became a Mum I vowed that screen time would be a big no, but I admit I was naive. Screen time even has a role in pre-schools and schools.

When I think back to why I was so against screen time, it is because of how I associated it. I associated it with sitting in front of a computer all day. Not going outside. Obviously this doesn’t have to be the case and it is how it is managed that is key. Screen time in moderation can be good. It can be educational and fun. And it can be a complete life saver when you need to feed a baby and entertain a toddler at the same time. So I have learned to embrace it.

Reuben enjoys playing games and watching shows on our phones. I think he finds it a bit novel as it isn’t something he is allowed to do very often. He will swap between games which meanings opening apps as he please. It is a concern that he may click on an app he shouldn’t or he could click on an advert that tries to get him to buy something and this is why I really love Hopster.

The Hopster App

Hopster is an app aimed at preschoolers. It has been designed in such a way that your preschooler will be able to navigate it on their own yet giving parents the peace of mind of knowing there are no adverts. Not one! It is available on a subscription, you can purchase it for a month, six months or a year. No contracts. You have full control.

Hopster has so much variety to keep your little one entertained.
There are (literally) hundreds of shows such as Fireman Sam, Ben and Holly and In the Night Garden. As well as shows there’s music and nursery rhymes as well as curriculum based learning games and more. There is no need for your little one to be jumping between apps as there is everything they could want on one app.

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Our Likes

Reuben loves this app. The fact that there is so much choice and he can switch between playing a game to watching a show. It has all of his favourite shows. What I did find is that there was so much choice that he just couldn’t decide and he spent most of the time constantly changing shows. He would only watch a show for about a minute and then change, and again and again. He’s better now, so maybe it was the excitement of a new app.
He has really loved that this month there has been an advent calendar ‘door’ to open each day. Behind the door it links to the Portable North Pole (PNP) and they can see Santa. This gets Reuben pretty excited.

I like the fact that this is something that Reuben can use with minimum supervision. Knowing he isn’t going to be clicking on adverts or pop ups gives me peace of mind. He gets to watch his favourite shows, no adverts, unlike on the TV!

There are a couple of features that I absolutely love!
One, you can set a timer on the app as to how long your child can use the app for. To get into the adult settings you need to enter in your date of birth, there you can read messages, set the timer etc.
The second being that you get a monthly update by email. In the email you can see exactly what you little one has been up to on the app, shows they’ve watched, things they’ve learned, adverts they’ve missed.

This is an example of the content you are sent:

Your little one’s month on Hopster

Stickster’s Stats is our way of letting you know what your little munchkin has learned and discovered on Hopster.

To celebrate the holiday season, there’s a brand new themed area in the app that’s full of festive shows, music and so much more.

But first, why not take a look at what your little one got up to in November…

Fireman Sam was your little one’s favourite show last month.
 Fireman Sam teaches kids about teamwork.
 It’s a great show about helping others, but also teaches kids to be very careful when it comes to fire!
 The Hopster curriculum area that aligns with this show is: All About Me, My Friends and Family.

In the Night Garden & I’m a Dinosaur

Your little one’s second favourite show was In the Night Garden.
Their third favourite was I’m a Dinosaur.
  While on Hopster…

13 minutes
Your little one would’ve seen 13 minutes of ads on TV. On Hopster they didn’t see any.

2 meals

You could’ve prepared 2 meals in peace while Hopster entertained your little one.


We are yet to find anything that we dislike on the app. Sam and I were concerned with the amount of choice, only because of Reuben’s constant flicking between shows. But as I have said earlier, this has calmed down. It seems bonkers to say there is too much choice but you know yourself, when you have so much choice it’s hard to pick what to watch, now imagine you’re four with that choice. I’m sure once he has been on it more he will have his favourites.

Still to Try

We still have parts of the app to try, there is so much content on there that we’ve not used it all. For example the artwork part and the music parts we’ve tried. There is also the ability to download the shows so that you can watch offline. We’ve not tried this but I already know that this will be very useful, especially when we go on holiday next year to Lanzarote!

Overall we have been really impressed with the Hopster App and think that it is really good value for money. I’m certain it is something that we will be renewing!

Note – Hopster is not available for all tablets and mobile phones so do check out compatibility first.

*We were given a 12 month subscription in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own

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