oxburgh hall

Santa at Oxburgh Hall

11th December 2016

In all the years I have lived in the area, I have never been to Oxburgh Hall. Today I discovered that it is a little gem that I have been missing out on.

The plan was to take Reuben to see Santa, then enjoy a bit of a walk around the grounds and the weather was perfect for it.

We arrived early, the website had said Santa was limited and on a first come first serve basis. We were lucky that we only had an hour to wait until we could see the big man himself.
We spent the time walking around the house, it had been dressed for Christmas, including a beautiful and very large tree in the main room. Reuben really couldn’t believe his eyes.

Jo Sam & Reuben in front of Christmas Tree

With an over excited 3 year old we didn’t spend much time in the house and so after 30 minutes we decided we would have hot chocolate and cake in the coffee shop. Very naughty but extremely tasty.

Finally it was time to take Reuben to see Santa. He had lots of fun colouring, glueing and sticking whilst we waited.
The Santa was very impressive, one of the best Santa’s I have seen and it didn’t feel rushed. This was the first year Reuben has actually been interested in speaking to Santa and he just loved it.

reuben with santa

Afterwards we took advantage of the beautiful grounds for as long as it took to burn off the energy that Reuben has, which to be fair wasn’t to long.¬†For a 3 year old there is nothing better than running through the woods kicking up leaves……

reuben playing in the woods

…….and the scenery and views were absolutely stunning.

reuben outside Oxburgh Hall

field views surrounding Oxburgh Hall

We will definitely be coming back here! Especially in the summer when I imagine the flowers will look amazing.



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