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‘Saddle Bag First Aid Kit’ – Safety by SJ Works

23rd April 2018

*We were sent the saddle bag first aid kit in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.
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How sunny has it been the last few days? It’s been beautiful hasn’t it, and let’s be honest, it’s about time too! With the beautiful weather teasing that summer is well and truly on its way, comes the request from Reuben to go out on his bike. He started being able to ride a bike last year and loves it. This year I think he is going to ramp that up. He’s pretty quick too so I can see no more running next to him. We will need to be out on bikes too. I have to admit I’m pretty excited, although I haven’t ridden a bike in a very long time. I can see there will be accidents, probably me! So thank goodness we were sent SJ Works Saddle Bag First Aid kit to review.

Reuben riding a his bike

SJ Works Saddle Bag First Aid Kit

Joan is a lovely lady, and the lady behind the saddle bag first aid kit. She started making these in 2016 in order to help with biking safety. It wasn’t something that ever used to cross my mind. Other than the basics, helmet, lights and reflectors. I didn’t really consider a first aid kit, even knowing how many times I fell off my bike as a child, it didn’t cross my mind. I mean where would you put it anyway?

That is where these bags are perfect! The saddle bag ¬†attaches to the saddle of your bike. With it attaching to the read it doesn’t get in the way at all but is easily accessible.

Saddle Bag First Aid Kit Contents

So with the bag being quite compact, I was surprised with how much actually fits inside the bag! It is definitely deceiving.
There were; non adhesive pads, plasters, eye pad, sterile sponges, varying types of bandages, antiseptic towels, sticky tape, emergency blanket and a first aid guide. I think that would cover the most dedicated cyclist, it should certainly be enough for us to have a little cycle and maybe a picnic.

Other First Aid Kits

SJ Works have other first aid kits available to purchase as well. Their main focus is bicycle safety but they also have a neat ‘all-purpose, on the go’ first aid box. We was also sent one of these and it is the perfect size for us to take in our hand luggage when we go on holiday. You never know when someone might slip over and need a plaster!

Saddle Bag Giveaway

That’s right! With us loving the saddle bag first aid kit, we thought it might be something that you might like yourselves. If you do you can buy it here OR you can take part in our giveaway below!!

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