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Waking up With Rombouts Coffee

15th December 2017

I am a self-confessed coffee lover addict. I cannot function in the morning before I have had a coffee. Even more so these last few weeks with the sleepless nights as a result of teething and sickness. I seem to be in a constant state of exhaustion, no joke, this is worse than the ‘new baby’ stage! When Rombouts offered us the chance to try some of their coffees, this was a no-brainer for me. Of course I would be happy to try some of their coffees. They are known for making some of the best coffees, ever!

Rombouts canvas tote bag and cupRombouts Coffee

We were sent a wide variety of coffees to try, from Original and Columbian style one cup filters to Cuban single origin ground coffee. There was so much to choose from and I was keen to start. As it was a Sunday (post-Christmas party) there was only one choice – a cafetiรจre of Laos single origin ground coffee.

Loas Ground Coffee

This coffee is described on the website as “A full-bodied, nutty coffee from the Asian Islands of Loas”.

This has to be one of the nicest coffees I have tasted. It was rich and full of flavour. And the smell, oh my goodness, the smell was just amazing. It gave Sam and I the caffeine buzz that we needed to get going through our day.

Rombouts ground coffee and cafetiรจreOne Filter

These are perfect for coffee on the go, or in my case the preschool/nursery/work run. I am always running late in the mornings and so I have to be able to make my coffee and run. The filter cups are perfect. I can fill it up and leave it to filter whilst I get breakfast ready and run around like a headless chicken shouting “Get your shoes on” for the one millionth time. It’s then ready in time for me to leave.

The easiness of it means that I can have a really great tasting coffee whenever I like – perfect for me! I fill the cup up twice as I like to have a mug rather than a cup, but it still tastes great.

Selection of one filter cupA Great Selection

We were generously sent such a large selection of coffees to try.
We’ve Decaf and Columbian One Cup Filters as well as single trade Cuban coffee still to try to with the Christmas break coming up I doubt it will last long.

We loved everything about Rombouts. From the packaging to the ease of using it to the phenomenal smell and taste of the coffee. We loved it that much and we were send such a wide selection AND with it being Christmas we are feeling pretty generous. So we are going to give some away.

We are going to give ONE person 3 boxes of one filter coffees – one Decaf, one Original and one Columbian – along with a Rombouts canvas tote bag. If you would like to win, then do enter our competition below.
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We were sent the coffee from Rombouts in exchange for an honest review. All thought are my own.

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71 responses to “Waking up With Rombouts Coffee”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love coffee so this sounds very nice, I’ve never tried this brand though

  2. Linda Hobden says:

    I like a decent coffee ๐Ÿ˜Š I like the sound of the Italian style coffee – will have to look out for that one! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Linda Hobden says:

    I do so like a decent coffee ๐Ÿ˜Š I like the sound of Italian style coffee ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Adrian Bold says:

    I love coffee, and have never tried this brand before. Thanks for the competition!

  5. Natalie Crossan says:

    I’m super tired and need coffee! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I would love to win because I love coffee!

  7. Lisa Lolo-Stout says:

    Love this I do enjoy a great coffee!!!

  8. kim neville says:

    My mum loves her coffee and would enjoy trying this one out

  9. laura stewart says:

    i cant start the day without a coffee x

  10. Kat Lucas says:

    I’d love to win for my partner who is a coffee fiend

  11. Tracy G says:

    I would love to have some decent coffee to start my day off right. Have never tried this brand before.

  12. TRACY HANSON1 says:

    I have drunk “another brand” since I started drinking coffee many years ago. I think it’s about time I saw what else there was out there. Also maybe share some with the other volunteers for the charity I volunteer for 3 days a week, especially the warehouse lot who are out in the cold, wet, snow and ice but never complain and always have time for a laugh and a joke.

  13. Tammy Neal says:

    I’d love to win for my mom who loves coffee xx

  14. Amanda Gregory says:

    I’m simply an addict of really lovely coffee.

  15. Carol Boffey says:

    Yummy i love coffee

  16. Sheila Reeves says:

    Would love to win as the coffee at work is not good, but can get hot water so this would be a real treat

  17. Chantelle Kemp says:

    Id give this to my mum, a coffee-holic!

  18. Sheri Darby says:

    I would love to drink some really good coffee at home

  19. Pete Cleasby says:

    I tend to stick with the same coffee out of habit so would be nice to try something different

  20. jackie beckett says:

    We love a cup of coffee and I love rombouts

  21. Natasha R-M says:

    I would like to win this prize as a present for my Dad who enjoys trying different coffees.

  22. kristin says:

    Coffee in a hurry sounds good to me!

  23. Stevie says:

    We love different kinds of coffee but we have no cafetiere.

  24. Rachael Ashmore says:

    I love coffee so this would be amazing to win

  25. Paula Cheadle says:

    I LOVE coffee, Love Rombouts

  26. Sam Megansmummy Parkes says:

    Perfect pick me up first thing in morning to wake me up

  27. Sarah Austin says:

    Because I haven’t been able to have a proper coffee since being pregnant and am due in March so would love to have some ready in the house for all the sleepless nights!

  28. James Travis says:

    Be good to try

  29. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Because my partner loves coffee

  30. Samantha R says:

    I’d really love to try it, I’ve just started getting into coffee.

  31. Tina Houlihan says:

    I want to win because I loooooove coffee so much

  32. GCforever says:

    My middle names are Coffee Queen. Love love coffee.

  33. Marion Payne says:

    Mmm I can smell the coffee already in anticipation, fingers crossed, great giveaway thanks

  34. Ruth Davies says:

    I would love to try i really enoy a decent cup of coffee.

  35. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My son is a coffee addict & I’d love the tote bag

  36. Carol Family Makes says:

    I don’t drink coffee at all, but my Hubby likes the occasional cup. I’ll let him know about this! #SnappedUp

  37. Christine Caple says:

    I love coffee, and like trying different ones

  38. June M Lord says:

    Because I’m a mummy who doesn’t get enough sleep and NEEDS her coffee to function!

  39. Julie Ward says:

    Its my son who is the coffee drinker, I only have 1 a day, it would be good to try something different to find one that doesn’t give me a headache

  40. sharon L johnson says:

    omg i loveeeeeeeeee my coffee x

  41. Iris Tilley says:

    Totally addicted to coffee Although I do try to restrict my intake to just 2 a day now lol

  42. Carly Belsey says:

    Im such a coffee addict and I love to try new coffees. Thank you

  43. Sarah Ann says:

    I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee!

  44. Carole Nott says:

    This is a great giveaway – would love the opportunity to try these blends

  45. Karen Hill says:

    I am a coffee o holic if there is such a thing , it the first thing i do everyday x

  46. Adeinne Tonner says:

    I would love to win this as i’m a real coffee addict have around four or five cups a day.

  47. Janine Atkin says:

    id love this for my mum, she loves coffee

  48. Alice O'Neill says:

    I love Rombouts !

  49. JudeVFR400 says:

    For my partner, she loves coffee.

  50. Claire Woods says:

    Because I love coffee.

  51. ZARA says:

    Like you, I ‘m a coffee lover (addict) and I love to try out all kinds of coffee and discover which are my favourites (if that’s even possible! Hehe!)

  52. Kev Cannon says:

    I would love to win to feed the coffee habit of my wife

  53. Jade Pawley says:

    I’m relatively new to drinking coffee after years of saying I didn’t like it (Despite not trying) so this would be a great way to try out different coffees to see what I like!

  54. Lauretta says:

    Every Christmas and every birthday I buy my husband coffee as he’s also a massive coffee addict. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I’m sure he’d love to give them a try. I’m going to look out for these – thanks! #SnappedUp

  55. charlotte says:

    my other half loves coffee so id love to win for him

  56. John Prendergast says:

    I like to try different coffees

  57. sallycollingwood says:

    So love this coffee, really great texture and aroma!

  58. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Coffee is my FAVOURITE indulgence ROOMBOUTS is always top of my list -great taste

  59. BusyLazyMum says:

    Iโ€™m not a coffee drinker but these sounds like something my husband would love. Will have to buy some for him to try. Thanks for sharing. #Blogstravaganza

  60. Ruth Harwood says:

    I love coffee, this is just right for me!!

  61. jo liddement says:

    I like the sound of being able to leave the coffee to filter while i am in a rush in the mornings. I love a cafetiere of coffee aswell.

  62. richardeldredhawes says:

    The main reasons are I like coffe and I like Rombouts coffee

  63. Lucia Daisy says:

    I would like to win because I love drinking coffee especially when I’m off work it is nice to sit down with a posh cup and a treat ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Solange says:

    I love my coffee.

  65. Graham Ross says:

    I would love to win so I could try the fab coffee

  66. Rena Plumridge says:

    I’d like to win so I can try it

  67. Rena Plumridge says:

    I would like to win cause I’d like to try them

  68. tracey bowden says:

    Ooh I love a good coffee, I can’t function in the morning without one #blogstravaganza

  69. Twinmumanddad says:

    I’ve recently started drinking coffee so might give this a try. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFriday Linky