Jo and her sister going down the pretty muddy slide

Race Day Pretty Muddy 5K – We Did It!

21st May 2017

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will be aware that I had been training to take part in the Pretty Muddy 5K (you can read about it herehere and here). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick up training again because every time I ran my ankle would start to hurt. I didn’t want to push it too hard and so gave up on the training. I wanted to be able to take part in the race day, it didn’t matter if I walked it or ran it, what mattered was finishing it! And race day was last weekend!

Jo & her sister before pretty muddy run

Race Day!


We had an early start as we were part of the first wave which was at 10am. We needed to be there early so that we could take part in the warm up. Add on to that an hours drive as long as the traffic was OK, so we planned to leave at 8am.

We were both in good spirits and really looking forward to the event. We made sure that we had everything we needed. Number, water, baby wipes. Time for a quick ‘before the race’ photo shoot and off we went. A little bit later than planned and completely my fault as I wasn’t ready.


It is really easy to get to the Norfolk Showground and we arrived in plenty of time. In fact we arrived far too early as we were there three-quarters of an hour before our wave started. We thought the warm up would have been earlier than it was so we hung around a bit and chatted.

My sister said that she didn’t like to get dirty and so her hubby wished he could have seen her do the race. I did find it funny that someone who doesn’t like being dirty agreed to a muddy run. It was also the reason that I decided that she needed to be as muddy as possible, I’m a great sister like that.

Warm Up

Time for our warm up. The organisers had arranged for there to be places that you could leave your back signs so they didn’t get lost on the way round. The back signs are where you write about who you are running for. It is at this point you really take notice of what everyone has on their backs. Losing someone, or seeing someone battling with cancer is hard. It is hard enough when it is your Grandad or someone who has lived their lives but when it is a child. There is something cruel in the world to let a child go through that. And that is what really got me at the event. There were so many people with pictures of children on their backs.

The warm up was quite funny.
So there we were, several hundred women herded into a small area to take part in our warm up exercises. Running on the spot, OK we could do that, but then they wanted star jumps and kicking your bum. Well everyone was clobbering each other trying to do it. It certainly got a few giggles.

Time to Run (Sort of)

It was time for the race to start, a count down from 10, a loud cheer and off we went.

My sister and I had said we were going to take a brisk walk. Not a chance! Because there were so many woman you were kind of pushed into a jog and so there was no choice. It was quite enjoyable. We decided we would jog and walk intermittently or until my ankle started to hurt.

Jo running on pretty muddy run

The Obstacles

I don’t really remember all of the obstacles but there were a few that stuck in my mind.
The first one was the climbing over the durdles and trudging through knee-deep water before climbing back out – TWICE! The initial getting wet is always the worst and after this we were squelching round the course.

Next we made it to some nets that we had to crawl under. TWICE! There was no way you were getting out of there without being muddy. My sister managed to get mud up her arms by this point, I looked pretty clean, other than my leggings.

There were a few more obstacles; spider webs to climb through, tunnels to crawl through that  lead onto more nets, mud pits to walk through, A-frames to climb, space hoppers and the finale of a giant inflatable slide. It was hilarious.

When we had crawled through the tunnel and under the net we were pretty filthy. My hands were completely caked in mud. I needed to wipe them just to get a bit of mud off. Cue mud fight with my sister. This continued the whole way round the course. Unfortunately I have never been very good at things like this and my sister ‘won’ the mud fight. I mean she was pretty covered but I was a complete mess as she decided that when getting off the inflatable slide, she would turn around and throw muddy water all over me. Yep, I had it in my eyes, in my ears, in my mouth. I was covered.

The Finish

We had finished. We picked up our medals, some water and a snack and made our way back to the car. As we were the first wave and the waves went every 15 minutes until 2pm there were a lot of woman who were waiting to take part.

So there I am, walking through and everyone is looking horrified that they are going to end up in such a state. I did actually say to a couple of people it was my sister’s fault. She obviously found this very funny.

We completed the course in about 45 minutes if you take out the time we were waiting around to get through the obstacles. Although time doesn’t really matter, it would be great if we could beat that time next year. We have already agreed we are doing it again.

Currently we are still collecting sponsor money but so far we look to have raised about £450 which is brilliant, especially as we had said we would be happy with £300 between us.

Have you taken part in the Pretty Muddy run? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.



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