The Ebury Collection postcard

Pretty Presents at The Ebury Collection Gift Shop

18th January 2018

Over the last few months I have spent hours trawling the internet looking for presents. You see, between October and January we have not only Christmas but numerous birthdays. With birthdays being so close to Christmas I always find that I am lacking in inspiration for gift ideas. So I find myself browsing online looking for new shops, quirky gifts. Something a bit different.

Whilst on one of my ‘looking for inspiration’ internet searches, I came across The Ebury Collection Gift Shop. It instantly caught my attention as it is such a pretty site.

I like elegant looking shops online that aren’t to chaotic, so I was able to spend a long time on this site. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t come across it before, but that’s because it’s still fairly new.

One of my favourite things about the site is how fast it is. If you ask my husband, I can be somewhat lacking in the patience area, especially when online. I am a ‘clicker’. If something doesn’t respond quickly I can’t help but click it again. So for me it’s a big thing that I click on an item to look at and it appears almost instantly, which it does on this site.

Have you heard of The Ebury Collection?

The Ebury Collection (part of The Ebury Collection Lifestyle Group) is an award-winning luxury wedding planning site “for your perfect wedding”.

They’re also one of Vogue Magazine’s favourite home interior stores.
Well, they’ve launched a new online gift shop. It is aimed at making our lives easier so we can find affordable quality gifts for any occasion.

I wasn’t disappointed. With a selection of stunning hampers, sparkling wine and champagne. Not only that, but there’s also a selection of decadent relaxation products and mesmerising fragrances. I really was spoiled for choice, and think it is a wonderful site to shop from.

*This is a collaborative post

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