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Pretty Muddy Race for Life

27th March 2017

The Pretty Muddy Race for Life is a muddy obstacle course where you crawl, climb and run through mud all in the name of raising money for Cancer Research.

My sister and I are signed up ready to take part in May.
We have opted to do the 5K event but there is an option to do 10K.

Cancer Research

Cancer Research is a charity close to our hearts as we have lost both of our Grandads to cancer.
More recently was my Mum’s Dad, I was very close to Grandad and it hit me hard when he passed away.
Thanks to the work that Cancer Research do, Grandad lived with cancer for 10 years from the point of his diagnosis. 10 years! Can you believe it?

Our Pretty Muddy Target

We have set ourselves a combined target of £300 and we are almost there already. I am overwhelmed by people’s generosity. But at the same time, everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer.
Did you know £270 covers the cost of a trial for a day to find the best treatment for children with a rare type of leukaemia, whose cancer has come back after treatment? (Information from Cancer Research)

Training for Pretty Muddy

So here we are, just over seven weeks away from the Pretty Muddy run. I didn’t actually realise how close it was, oops.
Oh and the other thing I forgot to mention, I don’t run and I haven’t exercised since before I was pregnant with Jessica. So this is going to be hard!

I have now purchased my running clothes, a new pair of running shoes and downloaded the ‘Couch to 5K’ app onto my phone and tonight was my first session out. It was hard but I got through it.

My plan is that I am going to write a weekly post to update on my running progress. I hope that by doing this it will keep me focussed on training and keep me motivated. I hope you will come back again next week to see how I am getting on.

Running Tips

Do you have any?
Have you used the Couch to 5k app?

When I went out running tonight I found that I struggled with two things – keeping at a steady pace and getting my breathing right. So if you have any tips that will help me on these then please do let me know!


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