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Pretty Muddy; Two Weeks into Training

10th April 2017

So I am at the end of my second week of training for the Pretty Muddy run in May. Only five weeks to go!

My first week of training I found hard. Hard to get motivated and hard to actually do it, but I did it.
Here is how this week has gone.

Week Two Training.

This week I felt much better. I wanted to go out and run.
I wanted that running buzz!
As soon as the kids were in bed, it was music on and off I went.

The couch to 5K increases the run this week, only gradually, but still an increase.

The training schedule this week was;

  • Day One and Two – 5 minute walk (warm up), 1.5 minute run + 2 minute walk (4 times), 1 minute run + 1 minute walk (2 times), 5 minute walk (cool down)
  • Day Three – 5 minute walk (warm up), 1.5 minute run + 2 minute walk (6 times), 5 minute walk (cool down)

I had planned on training the same days as last week;
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
This week Sam had made plans to go to the cinema Friday night, so that run was moving to Saturday.

Day One; I’m Doing It and I Enjoy It!

Monday I went out and it’s the first time I have ever really enjoyed it.
My pace felt better, not right but I could feel a shift from the previous week. I managed to keep to the plan set by the app.
When I got home I was tired and could feel that it had been hard but it felt good.

Day Two; Something Doesn’t Feel Right….

Wednesday the kids would not settle for bed properly. (Probably something to do with the late afternoon nap we all had)
Sam told me to get going, he would settle the kids. He wanted to make sure that I was back before it started to get dark, he worries about me out on my own.

Off I went, feeling a little guilty that Sam had been left to settle a crying Jessica but it was nice to get outside. The weather so beautiful, a slight chill in the air meant I wasn’t too hot.

I was in the second stretch of running and I felt a slight twinge in my knee. It only happened once and I didn’t think to much of it and carried on. I managed to successfully run each of the sessions. Again I felt that my pace was better, shame that my breathing hadn’t improved!

When I woke Thursday morning I had pain going through both of my knees but my right one was the worst. It couldn’t take my full weight. I have problems with my knees intermittently. It is an ongoing problem which tends to be made worse by cold weather and a change in my weight. I assumed that it was the same sort of issue. A couple of days rest and I would be fine to run Saturday or Sunday at worst.

Day Three; My Knees! No Training Today

By Friday evening I was still getting slight discomfort in my knees and made the decision that I would not run on Saturday morning. I should be fine to run Sunday if I rest for another day.

We had a pretty relaxed day at Sam’s parents. After lunch we took Reuben to the park. We were playing and he did his ‘you can’t catch me’ chant and without thinking I started to chase him. BIG mistake. I felt the pain go straight through my knee and soon regretted running, even though it was only a small jog behind a three year old.

By Sunday I was hobbling along and struggling a lot. Definitely no running happening, I could just about climb the stairs.

Knock of Confidence

Now I’m having to rest up.
Well, as much as you can rest with a baby and a three year old on the Easter Holidays. But still, no running.

I’ve no idea what has happened or how I managed to hurt my knee.
I worry that when it heals I will go out and do it again, especially as I’m not sure how it happened.
I have bought some knee supports in the hope that when I can run again they will help.

But for now it seems my running shoes have been put on the rack.

I would be interested if anyone else has experienced this when they have just started running.
Is it something to worry about?
Can I do anything to prevent it happening again?
I would love your advice in the comments below.

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