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Pretty Muddy; Running Week One

3rd April 2017

Last week I wrote about my up and coming run in May for Cancer Research. That was the start of my weekly running journey.
I want to write each week about my training to keep my accountable for what I am doing. I am definitely someone who needs to keep focussed and will often look for an excuse not to exercise. My theory is that if I have to write each week about my progress I will have to go out and run.

Week One Training.

As I mentioned, I am not a runner. I haven’t exercised since before I fell pregnant with Jessica and so my fitness levels are, well, non-existent. I have downloaded the ‘couch to 5K’ app onto my phone and found a running playlist to help me on my journey.

Week Ones running schedule was;

  • Day One – 5 minute walk (warm up), 1 minute run + 1.5 minute walk (6 times), 5 minute walk (cool down)
  • Day Two and Three – 5 minute walk (warm up), 1 minute run + 1.5 minute walk (8 times), 5 minute walk (cool down)

I had opted to have exercise days as Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
However, I made plans to go to the cinema Friday night (see what I mean, any excuse not to exercise) and so I reluctantly went out Saturday morning instead.

Day One; The Running Struggle

I’m not going to lie. I looked at the schedule and thought, yep, that seems do-able.
Then when I started to run it felt like the longest minute of my life. My legs felt tight, my breathing was very poor and I really struggled. At points I had a “I’m never going to be able to get through this” attitude. I kept pushing, and you know what I did it. I ran on all the points I was supposed to. When it got harder I pushed through it by thinking of why I was doing it, my Grandad!

When I got home I was relieved,  but I was also buzzing! I felt good. I had completed the first day, and the ache in my legs felt good.

Day Two; It Hurts a Little Less Today

Wednesday came, and I pushed myself out of the door. I knew this one was a little longer and so took a slightly different route.

This time it didn’t hurt as much. My legs were feeling good, my breathing was still shocking. There was a couple of points that I started walking a little earlier than the app said because I was out of breath. I need to work on my breathing.

I did run past a couple of young lads who shouted something. This was always my fear of going out running, well any exercise really, that people can see me and may laugh. But, I didn’t care. I had my music on and all I thought was I’m trying. I’ve delivered two babies and I’ve been through things they could never go through and I was trying. I felt quite proud of myself at this point as normally I would use this as an excuse not to go out again.

Day Three; OMG this feels harder today

Saturday morning, I went out and ran. I found it really hard. I don’t know if it was because I knew that Sam and the kids were playing at home and I just wanted to be with them. But it hurt.

My breathing was poor, I struggled to get any kind of pace and for the first half I struggled to run the full amount of time I was supposed to. I felt annoyed at myself. My app beeped that I was halfway and I had a quick moment of “you’re kidding me, only half way”

I could have given up at that point and gone home but I didn’t I kept going. Eventually I found a pace I could work with and managed to run the full amount from then on. I don’t know what clicked but I pushed on through and made it home.

Are you going for a run Mummy?

I’ve only just started out on my running journey but Reuben has picked up on it and he will ask me if I’m going out for a run.
I am hoping that I continue on this journey and it just becomes a way of life, not only for me but for my children. They will just see that exercise is something that I do and they will do it too. Exercise won’t feel so difficult for them.

Any Advice?

So there we have my first week running and I would say that keeping to a steady pace and getting my breathing right are my biggest obstacles. Do you have any tips on how to get this right quickly, or is it just practice makes perfect?

I would really appreciate any advice in the comments below!


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