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20th November 2017

Since Reuben and Jessica have been born I find myself looking at ways to have keepsakes of them growing up. I love nothing more than keeping every single print of their hands and feet. I have every single one that comes home from nursery; each with dates on. A simple way of keeping a part of them from each stage of their lives. These have quickly become some of my most precious items from the children. When ESP Keepsakes offered me the chance to combine the love of these keepsakes with my love of jewellery it was a simple decision.

ESP Keepsakes

ESP Keepsakes is owned by Liz. Liz makes all of the items herself by hand. All of the items are made of 99.9 silver. They are a beautiful way of keeping a memory of your loved ones prints.

Liz is a lovely lady and she kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole process. Nothing was too much. She offered me the chance to receive a necklace. With having both the children it was important for me to have both of their prints on the necklace. When I asked if this was possible Liz was great, she explained it could be done but it would mean the name wouldn’t be put on there. She also suggested that if we had two we went for opposite sides; so Jessica’s right foot and Reuben’s left hand, for example. When I emailed her to say that both Jessica’s foot and Reuben’s hand were on from the same side, both right, part of me was expecting her to say that it probably wouldn’t work. She didn’t. Nothing was too much trouble. She reassured me that she would make it work.

The Print Kit

I’ll admit I was worried as to how I was going to get the prints and get them so they were useable.
The print kit was sent out and I was impressed with how easy it was to use. No ink pads. It was a wipe. You wipe it over the hand or foot that you want the print of and then press it down onto the special paper that is provided. You do have to be careful not to get your fingers covered or on the paper. There was enough room on the paper to take a few prints which allowed Liz to pick which prints were the best to use.

Hand and Foot PrintsThe Necklace

From the date that I put the prints in the post to the date that I received the necklace was 22 days. I thought this was really good considering that included the delivery either way and then the making of the necklace. Liz has said that normally delivery is within 10 days which I think is exceptional!

I was so excited to see what it was like. As soon as I opened it I loved it. It is such a gorgeous piece of jewellery. As promised Liz had engraved both Reuben’s hand and Jessica’s foot onto the pendant, she had also popped their initial next to each which was a lovely, and unexpected, touch.

Keepsake NecklaceI was worried about the strength of the chain but it seems to be pretty tough. Jessica has given it the occasional tug (she’s in the I must play with/teeth on your jewellery stage) and it has remained intact. The necklace is really light to wear and I forget I have it on. Well, until I get lovely comments about it.

I know that this is one piece of jewellery I will never take off!

Keepsake Necklace on flowerIf you would like to see what items Liz makes and get yourself a lovely keepsake (or one for a loved one!) then do visit her either on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I was gifted the necklace in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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