Picking A School; Why I Feel so Nervous

10th January 2018

This is the year that Reuben will go to school. He is so excited. He has wanted to go to school since last September when all of his other friends went. I know he is more than ready for this next step in his life. I however, am not. How did my little boy get so big. Why is time going so quickly?

The school applications have to be in by 15 January. Whilst we have already made our choices I cannot help but feel worried. Have we picked the right choice? Will we get our first choice? Is he going to like the school we’ve picked? He is going to be there for such a long time and there are so many thoughts that are going through my mind. Waiting to April is going to seem like an age.

The nerves started early.

In fact, they started as soon as I received the letter saying we needed to pick a school. The nerves really kicked in when I was visiting potential schools. I sat in the halls watching videos, waiting for the presentations and I started reminiscing about when he was born, how much he has learned and grown over the years. I came over quite emotional. Not quite blubbering all over the place, but that hot lump you get in the back of your throat just before the tears start. I was quite impressed I managed to keep it together.

But how do you pick?

The trouble that we have is that for me to be able to continue to work we need Reuben to go to school in one that is definitely not in our catchment area. I don’t work close enough to our catchment to make it work and all of my support network is near where I work. Whilst the plan is to move closer to my work, thus closer to the school, we are not there yet. So there’s that worry.

The next worry is that I have completely fallen in love with a school. It’s the school that we have picked for our first choice. It would be perfect for Reuben and I can see him there, and I can see him enjoying it. See him happy. There is a lot of outside focus, and that is just what he needs. He learns best when he is outside in big open spaces. Not only is it perfect for him but it would be the best fit for us as a family. I have so many support options for this particular school that everything would be, well perfect.

It is out of my hands.

That is hard for me. I hate having to wait for other people to make decisions that will play such an important part of our lives, of Reuben’s life. I’m sure it’s hard for every single parent, waiting. However, it is the only thing we can do now, wait. Wait until 18 April when we get our offer letters. When we finally get to see the decisions that have been made and make plans for the next stage in our little ones lives.

Does your little one go to school this year, or have you recently gone through all of this? Is there a way to feel less nervous? I would love to know your thoughts or experiences below.

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