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Personalised Wine; The Pewter Label

6th March 2018

Mothers Day. The day that you buy the most important woman in your life a gift to show them how much you appreciate everything they have done for you. I find it one of the hardest gifts to buy. My Mum has been there through everything. Heartbreak, happiness, the teenage years (enough said, thank you hormones!). She is a constant in my life.
What can I possibly buy her to thank her for everything?

Well the truth is there really isn’t anything in the world that would be enough to say “Thank You” for everything that she has done for me. Whatever I buy her, the truth is she will always deserve so much more. But, a token. A gesture. What would be perfect?
This is where GiftsOnline4U have come in so handy. They have a lovely range of Personalised Gifts and I was sure I would find something perfect on their site.

Personalised Wine; The Pewter Label

After searching over the site I came across a selection of Personalised Wine. This ticks lots of boxes for me. Wine – Check! Personalised – Check. I am a big fan of personalising gifts. It is a great way of taking something and making it truly unique and who doesn’t love wine?!

The selection was impressive, you could choose from red, white or rose wines. Or pay a little extra for some fizz. Then there was the design of the labels which ranges from flowers, to the one I chose which was the Pewter label.
I finally settled on an Australian Shiraz with a Luxury Pewter Label.

Wine Bottle with Pewter LabelPersonalising the Pewter Label 

Once I had made my mind up, the next was to personalise it.
The label comes with “Mum” in the centre of the wreath. There is then space for 3 lines of writing above the wreath and 2 below the wreath. Each come with a good amount of characters, so there is plenty of room for a nice message.

I chose “You Deserve More Than Wine For Putting Up With Me” above the wreath and “Fancy Sharing? Love You xx”
I can’t be too “mushy”, she’ll wonder what’s up!! (And I really want to share the wine!)


What I really loved about GiftsOnline4U is that they have thought of everything! Once you’ve picked what you want and personalised it you then have the chance to add on extras. You can have the wine wrapped in a bag or a box, and then add a card on too (for an extra charge). It is perfect, if like me, you don’t want to be popping in and out of shops with the kids in tow.

A Perfect Gift?

When the wine arrived it was packaged really well. I always worry about having things like this delivered in case they are damaged. There was also a cute little bag of thank you sweets included. (Sorry Mum I did eat those!)

I was really impressed with how great the wine looked. Labels can sometimes look a bit, well, naff. But the Pewter Label didn’t.
It looked really expensive, almost embossed onto the bottle rather than a sticky label. Everything about it looked and felt expensive. Perfect when your Mum has expensive tastes (sorry Mum but you do!)

Pewter LabelI am hoping that my Mum loves it as much as I do. I hope she enjoys putting her feet up and drinking it.
Like I said she deserves so much more than a bottle of wine for putting up with me, but I think this goes some small way towards showing her what she means to me.

*We were sent this bottle of wine in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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