Returning to Work After Maternity Leave; The Reality

9th March 2017

There was no question about it. It was something that was just a given. I would return to work.
It was at this point that I saw it, black and white. My wages were not enough and I was considering the reality that I may be better to not go back to work.

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Eight

8th March 2017

Week Eight of the It’s The Little Things linky, not only that but we’re in March! Can you believe it? March!
I love it when the nights pull out, the promise of spring and summer, of warmer evenings and longer days.

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November diary

February Has Finished; A Review of the Month

6th March 2017

Can you believe that February is already over?

I’m a little late getting this post out this month, my apologies. It has been a bit hectic.
I’ve been trying to sort out going back to work, my maternity leave finishes shortly.

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Seven

2nd March 2017

This last week has gone in a blink and a blur. With Reuben being back at preschool it means that three of our days revolve around his routine and so the days go really quickly.

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Baby Jessica

Labour and Birth Part Two; My Wonderful Water Birth

28th February 2017

My due date for Jessica was the August bank holiday. I was so worried about going through the same experience I had with Reuben where my contractions went on for days. Here is how Jessica arrived in the world.

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The ‘Half Term’ Little Things; Week 6

22nd February 2017

Last week was half term. Whilst I love half term I also worry as Reuben will become quite bored of me and he’ll openly let me know. So, I planned for us to do something everyday.

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Baby Reuben Swaddled

Labour and Birth Part One; Back to Back Hurts

20th February 2017

Everyone loves a good labour and birth story. As I have had two very different experiences I am writing this in two parts.

Part One; Reuben. Reuben was back to back and gave me three days of contractions before he made an appearance.

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cigarette, smoking

Why Are You Smoking in a Play Park?

17th February 2017

Today we went to the park and I was shocked when two mummies lit up cigarettes. What are your views on smoking in the park.

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Five

15th February 2017

Week five of reflecting on the little things that made me smile last week. It was a quiet week which gave us time for some sweet little things. Come and read all about game playing and chip smuggling!

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bed, pillow and flowers (bedtime)

The Bedtime Tag; Good Night, Sleep Tight

13th February 2017

The Bedtime Tag is a chance for you to have a look at our Bedtime routine. We’re talking Pyjamas, reading and good and bad habits.

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