It’s The Little Things; Week Four

9th February 2017

I have said in previous posts how much I enjoy writing these posts, but it is true.
What I have also found is that reading other people’s lovely posts not only makes me smile, but gives me a bit of a kick up the bum.

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the lego batman film poster

Mum and Son Day; A Film Review of The Lego Batman Movie

7th February 2017

On our Mum and Son day we went to the cinema. Reuben picked Lego Batman to watch.

Here is our view on the film….

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reuben running in a field

Three-nager; The Terrible Twos Were Easier!

5th February 2017

I have read stories of how other parents would describe their children’s tantrums and I would smugly think to myself “My Reuben doesn’t do that”.
Yet here I am, writing about how he is now doing the same!

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Three

1st February 2017

I am really enjoying the “It’s The Little Things” Linky.
Three weeks in and I can already see that I am paying more attention to what is going on around me.

Here are my little things for last week;

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November diary

What Happened in January?

1st February 2017

Here we are, the end of January. Hallelujah!

I always find January a hard month. Grey, wet and all a bit miserable. The lull after a lively Christmas. It’s always a month that I cannot wait to finished.

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Reuben and Jessica sucking their thumb

Thumb Sucking; Is It A Problem?

31st January 2017

When I was pregnant with Reuben I was adamant that he would not be having a dummy.

Whenever I think of dummies I think of older children talking with them in their mouths. What we had no idea about was how much we would want Reuben to have a dummy when colic set in!

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Two

27th January 2017

Last week came as a bit of a shock to the system. It was definitely one of the hardest weeks we have had in a very long time. But even in the hardest of weeks it is important to make sure that we smile.

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Sam in Iceland

National Spouse’s Day; My Amazing Husband

26th January 2017

National Spouses’s Day is celebrated annually on 26 January.

With life being as busy as it can be, it is all too easy to take things for granted.

When was the last time you showed your husband or wife you appreciated them?

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reading on a tablet

Book Review; Killer Cupcakes

24th January 2017

One of my goals for this year is to read one book a month, I have picked up my Kindle again and I have just finished my first book of the year.
Here is my Book Review.
Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs

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Jo, Sam, Reuben and Jessica sitting on a couch

Girls Are Easier than Boys; Or Are They?

22nd January 2017

When I was pregnant with Jessica, everyone told me that girls are easier than boys. They are calmer and more laid back than boys.
So are girls easier?

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