The Gruffalo Trail; Our Forest Adventure

5th April 2017

When I heard about The Gruffalo Trail that was being hosted by the Forestry Commission I couldn’t wait to take Reuben.
As you can imagine, it was busy.
On Sunday the day was so beautiful and there was also a harvest event on as well.

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lady training at sunset

Pretty Muddy; Running Week One

3rd April 2017

Last week I wrote about my up and coming run in May for Cancer Research. That was the start of my weekly running journey. Here I talk about my first week running.

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November diary

March Musings; A Monthly Review

2nd April 2017

We have been quite busy in March, another reason for the month going by so quickly I’m sure. From baking to going on walks at a water garden, it has certainly been full of fun.

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Eleven

29th March 2017

We were all unwell with colds. I had planned to write the post mid-week but things took a bit of a turn.
I was glad when the week was over and she showed signs of getting better.
Anyway, in amongst all of the chaos there were things that have made me smile!

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lady training at sunset

Pretty Muddy Race for Life

27th March 2017

The Pretty Muddy Race for Life is a muddy obstacle course where you crawl, climb and run through mud all in the name of raising money for Cancer Research.
Cancer Research is a charity close to our hearts as we have lost both of our Grandads to cancer.

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rocking motherhood tag

10 Reasons Why I’m Rocking Motherhood!

23rd March 2017

I have seen a few of the posts for the #RockingMotherhood tag and I love the idea which was started by Pat at White Camelias.
We all know to well parenting is one of the hardest but best things that we are all going through.
It is a crazy rollercoaster with ups and downs.

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Magnet Car

Could This Be the New Must Have Toy?

20th March 2017

I am constantly looking at toys for my children. Toys that will be fun but make them think, that have an educational element to them but without losing the fun. Could this be the new must have toy?

Magnetic Building Blocks

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coffee cup and cookies

It’s The Little Things; Week Nine

17th March 2017

This week’s Little Things includes Lego, Pavement Games, Smiles, Ladies that Lunch and a Miracle….

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jam doughnut cupcakes

Baking with Kids; Doughnut Cupcakes

15th March 2017

I love baking with Reuben, but I can also find it stressful at times.
Reuben loves baking, he gets so excited but with that excitement comes a lack of listening.
He decides that everything needs to be his way and who cares about a recipe.

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wooden mum sign with flowers

Oh My Blog; ‘Mum Edition’ Feat. Michelle from What Mummy Thinks

13th March 2017

‘Oh My Blog’ is a monthly interview series.
Fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme.
This months theme is Mums (because it’s Mother’s Day soon!) and we’re hosting Michelle from What Mummy Thinks.

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