Just One Bad Day

14th December 2016

Well yesterday was a pretty tough day!

I should have known it was going to be tough when my day started with an explosive nappy and yellow poo all over a lovely white sleep suit, but hey I was optimistic. More fool me!

Jessica is currently teething! Yep, a drooling and very unhappy 3 month old baby right now and to top it off she has been trying to refuse her naps. Not going to happen lady!

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oxburgh hall

Santa at Oxburgh Hall

11th December 2016

In all the years I have lived in the area, I have never been to Oxburgh Hall. Today I discovered that it is a little gem that I have been missing out on.

The plan was to take Reuben to see Santa, then enjoy a bit of a walk around the grounds and the weather was perfect for it.

We arrived early, the website had said Santa was limited and on a first come first serve basis. We were lucky that we only had an hour to wait until we could see the big man himself.

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Hello to the Blogging World!

10th December 2016

I wanted to say a hello to the blogging community.

This is my first time blogging and to be honest it is a bit nerve-wracking.

If you have read my About Me page, you will know that I am currently on maternity leave, and whilst I love my children dearly I have started to feel like my life is breast-feeding, playing cars and dusting and so I have decided it is time to do something for me.

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