Our Top 12 Christmas Gifts 2018

20th November 2018

Christmas! I may have mentioned once, or twice that I love Christmas. I really love choosing gifts for my nearest and dearest. Things that they may have forgotten that they have mentioned in conversation that they then unwrap on Christmas Day. Last year my favourite purchase was for Sam where I actually imported a Japanese book with the sketches in of once of his favourite films! He was somewhat surprised but as someone who loves drawings I knew it would go down well!

It’s not always easy though is it? So with that in mind I have selected a few gifts that I absolutely love to help you if you’re stuck for ideas!

Christmas Gift Ideas

… For the Build Up to Christmas

I love the build up to Christmas, it is part of the magic. Whether that be a trip to Santa, writing Christmas lists, baking biscuits. Other things to include to add in Christmas Magic…

Letters from Santa

Santa Letter
Who wouldn’t love to get a letter from Santa? We always give the children at least one in the year. We might do two if they are going to a supper with Santa event but we save the good list one for Christmas Eve. Jingle (our elf) leaves the Christmas Eve box filled with goodies and a letter from Santa. These letters from Real Santa Letters are great. You get to personalise it as much as you like. There is a template to help you and then you delete bits or add to it as you like. We’ve included teachers names, normal traditions, the house move and having a chimney. Things that the kids will love. They also come with this cute certificate as well! These are £5.99 and worth every penny – you will remember their faces!

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Christmas cards. We don’t really tend to send too many cards any more, but we do send them to immediate family. The last few years we have managed to buy each other the same cards because we’re going to the same shops! Well, not this year!
Look at these cards by All About Words! They are lovely. I love that they are beautifully made for the children, I mean, a dabbing Santa! That won’t be one Reuben gets from anyone else will it? But my absolute favourite has to be the Wellies. It is such a cute Christmas Card. Not at all typical of what you would normally find but it is charming and personalised, which I LOVE! (Christmas Tip: Quidco is available on this!)

The Arrival of the Christmas Elf

Good ElfWe have an elf that arrives! Jingle is the name Reuben gave him 2 years ago. He remembers EVERY year. We do ours a little differently, the Elf arrives when the ‘magic’ in the tree starts to work and then he does silly things for a couple of weeks before he leaves on Christmas Eve leaving their Christmas Eve box. The kids love seeing what their elf has been up to in the night, lots of excitement. This one is from What 2 Buy 4 Kids where you can get a discount on all of your purchases using the code PICKLE218.

…For the Kids

First Wonder Box Subscription

Contents of Dino Wonder Box
These are perfect if you want a gift that keeps giving. I am a massive fan of subscription boxes, even more so when they are for kids. A little something coming through the letter box every few weeks that they aren’t expecting that can keep them entertained – and learning! First Wonder Box has been made by the team that create the children’s newspaper First News. Look at everything that is included in the ONE box – activity book with word searches, facts, jokes, quizzes, drawing, games and puzzles. Plus everything you need for creative projects, themed toy, collectible cards and stickers. Even the box is something, so in this one it was a game. The kids (both; even though this is aimed at 4 to 8 year olds) loved the boxes. We spent a good few hours playing with it and barely scratched the surface. The Christmas Gift Subscriptions start at £24.99 for 4 boxes and are sent fortnightly.

Puppet Set & Story

three little pigs puppet setBoth of our children love books. They can spend ages looking through books and reciting stories they can remember. Jessica keeps walking round the house shouting ‘not by the hair of my chinny chin chin” and so this Three Little Pigs puppet and story book set would keep her amused for hours! Don’t forget your discount code! 10% off with PICKLE218

Beaker Creatures

Blerk - one of the beaker creaturesRecently we reviewed the Beaker Creatures, you can read our full review here. Reuben has more pods on his list (yes, he has already started his lists) and so we will be buying those. I think we will get some new food colourings in for the new ones we buy so he can see what happens when you mix food colouring with the ‘alien fizz’.

…For Her


MS Pomelo Red Lace Bra
Beautiful lingerie for the special lady in your life is a must! This beautiful red lace bra is from MS Pomelo who are designing beautiful bras for the fuller bust and cater for sizes up to 46H! Finally some pretty bras for bigger boobs! MS Pomelo also offer advice for fitting and workshops to help you get the correct fit on your bra. They are recommended by 11 NHS Trusts and 5 Harley Street breast clinics. To top it off they offer a lifetime guarantee so will fix the bra for free.

This bra really is lovely. The material is soft on your skin and it fits really well. It is underwired and lightly padded and whilst I normally prefer a fuller pad this is more subtle, perfect for the fuller breast. The straps are thicker so there is less movement or uncomfortable digging and rubbing that you can get from the thinner straps. The bra feels very supportive and well made.

They also have a range of very pretty nursing bras so your special lady can enjoy a lovely looking bra whilst feeding your bundle of joy. All woman want to feel feminine and these bras are perfect for that!

We’ve also got some discounts for you valid to 31 December 2018.
20% off to the first 5 buyers enter pickleandpoppet

For All, free shipping globally enter mspomelo-free-delivery-2018

Northern Collection Gift Set

Northern Collection Gift Set
We all love to pamper ourselves a little bit don’t we ladies? This is Northern Collection Gift Set is perfect as a gift for Wife, Mum or Sister. Or, why not treat yourself once you’ve got through all the shopping?!
It was only recently that I said to Sam I need to start looking after my skin better, especially my face. I feel like I’m running towards my 40’s and whilst that doesn’t bother me, I know that I need to treat my skin better than what I currently do.
This is a deep facial cleanser and cleansing water. Charcoal products are EVERYWHERE at the moment, I have used them before and been pleased with the results and it is the same with these. My face feels great after using them.

Cancer Care Gift Pack

Cancer Care Hamper
This hamper is amazing. It has so many lovely, considerate items carefully chosen to give your loved one the ‘perk’ and sometimes help they need. When someone you love is on their cancer journey, sometimes you might not know what to get them as a gift, it can be hard to pick something for them if they are losing weight, or spending a long time at the hospital. Cancer Care Parcel have put together the most amazing hampers for men, women and children to help them on their journey. Hampers start at £40.

The one shown is the luxurious cancer care gift hamper which has 23 items included from a blanket and water bottle to colouring book and headphones. There is so much included. It is currently on offer at £149.99 (correct at time of writing).

Cancer Care Parcel do a lot of work for Cancer Charities and raising awareness. They also donate their parcels to charities, hospitals and hospices. This parcel was very kindly sent to me to photograph but it will be being taken to our local hospital to share amongst the cancer patients there.

…For Him

Gourmet Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza
Quirky gifts always make it on to the list. Normally something from the kids to Daddy or the Grandparents.. But once they’ve got cups and all the other things you buy with their names on it, then what? Chocolate pizza!

This 7 inch gourmet chocolate pizza comes beautifully presented in a black box with a gold sleeve. This particular pizza is a Belgian chocolate base covered in white chocolate flakes, complete with malteasers, fudge pieces and smarties. Pre cut into pizza slices it’s ready to eat and only £11.50 (correct at time of writing).

Perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa idea for sure!

Personalised Print

Personalised Print
I think that personalised gifts are great. To really think about what someone would like and it be completely for them. Unique! This personalised “Where It All Happened” from GoGiftie is lovely. We loved our honeymoon and we have a few photos and prints that we are going to print and frame so this will look great with those! I know Sam will love it!

There are so many lovely prints on their site, and you can choose to have it as a digital download, print, mount board, surface frame or framed with white mount. You can personalise with colours, names and text. Prices start at £13.99. This one is on a mount board. It comes ready for hanging and so the only thing the person you have bought it for will have to do, is decide where they are going to hang it.

Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human
Detroit Become Human has been on Sam’s (and my) wishlist for a while now! We played the demo game and it was really good. You play as an android and you have to access what is going on around you and make choices as to what you want to do, where you want to look. Each decision you make will determine how successful you are (or not) and ultimately decides your fate. We played a very small scene but it was enough to make us want the full game. It was also really interesting to see how differently we played and how any possible outcomes there were, just from the one scene.

**Note some of the items were gifted in exchange for inclusion in the guide. Some of the links are affiliate links, this doesn’t affect your purchase but I do receive a small commission. Please see more here.

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