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Once Upon A Time; A Book Bundle Review

28th May 2017

Books play such an important role in a child’s life. They learn vocabulary and language skills, they will grow an imagination and most importantly, it is the perfect opportunity for a hug with your child. We have encouraged reading from a young age with Reuben and are beginning the same with Jessica. Reuben has over 50 books, and he can now sit and recite the books he has read them so many times. This will undoubtably help when he starts to learn to read.

Recently we were given the opportunity to review ‘Once Upon A Time Book Bundles’, and here is what we thought.

What is ‘Once Upon A Time’?

Once upon a time is a company that hand picks children’s books and sends them to you in the post. Aimed at children from birth to 12 years old.

The books are picked from a range of well-known authors that adults and children both love. You can tailor the books to suit your children by telling Kellie their age and interests. There is a wide selection of book bundles which you can see here, you can buy 10 books for £10 or 20 books for £20, to name a couple.

Kellie is the lady behind Once Upon a Time and she has a degree in early childhood studies. This knowledge helps her to carefully select each book for your child to enjoy. From speaking with Kellie via email it is very clear that this is not only a job for her but a passion.

“The concept of my business is to provide children with a wonderful bundle of books
which they will love opening at a price parents will love, I do believe this is the first service of its kind in the UK.”

Our Once Upon A Time Book Bundle

We received a 10 book bundle and Kellie was kind enough to agree to split the bundle so that both Reuben and Jessica received some books.

The books that we received are:

For Reuben:
What can you spot
Cool cars by Tony Mutton & Ant Parker
The deep dark woods – Usborne
A fright in the night – Usborne
Wild school – Usborne
Mr. Nonsense
Little Miss Bossy

For Jessica:
Toddle waddle – Julia Donaldson
Count and Travel bath book
Who’s in the Garden -First Steps

We did also receive a small finger puppet and a couple of stickers.

When we had agreed to split the bundle I assumed that it would have been five for Reuben and five for Jessica. It wasn’t ever mentioned, I had just assumed that would be what happened, not that it matters on this occasion. But if you do opt for a split bundle I would suggest that you specify what sort of split you are looking for.

The books are great Reuben was very happy with his selection and we are working our way through them. As you can imagine with a three year old the cars book went down very well. Jessica absolutely loves the ‘Who’s in the Garden’ book. It is a fabric book which rustles and has a squeaker in it as well. She is very happy rolling around crunching that book and it is one that we take everywhere.

The Service

I have had a look and if I had sourced this bundle myself it would have cost £32, I cannot believe the saving this service is making. 10 books for £10 or 20 for £20 is just such an amazing price. The price of postage is also very reasonable.

Postage times can be long so if you are ordering as a gift I would do it in plenty of time. We ordered on 30 March and received the items on 10 May. In that time Kellie did contact me to let me know why there was a delay. The website did advise 3-4 weeks and so it was only slightly delayed.

Overall I am so happy with this service and the uniqueness of it. I am sure that we will use it again to bulk out gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. It is such a great idea.

And Something for my Lovely Readers!

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**please note that we received the book bundle in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own**


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