November diary

November Number; A Monthly Review

11th December 2017

Eeek! As if we are in December already. Each month I go on and on about how quickly the months go but they really do! November was relatively quiet in the way of planned events, which I am thankful of with how busy December. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been a complete nightmare, so here’s what we have been up to.

The Family.

November is pretty quiet for us compared to other months, we only have the one birthday in November which is my lovely Mums’. It was lovely as we went for a lovely family meal and some drinks. The rest of November seems to have been full of sleepless nights and illness. Jessica cut a lot of teeth at once! By a lot I mean about four, including 2 doubles. That was a painful week for everyone. Then the worst day of my life when Jessica fell down the stairs coinciding with her having hand, foot and mouth. I wish I could say that we were over the sickness but it has continued on into December. Fingers crossed it’s all over by Christmas!

The Blog

It felt so busy on the blog in November. I had a lot of reviews including a Christmas guide. It is my first one guide and it was an experience for sure! I loved the challenge.
I worked alongside Learning Resources again, I just love their toys for Children. This time it was for a science kit which (spoiler alert) Reuben loved! This created another first! A first for vlogging! I am trying to branch into this but it is a slow process – I’m fairly shy so any tips are welcomed!
I also got to work with the very lovely Liz at ESP Keepsakes and reviewed the most beautiful necklace!

I’ve got a lot to work on with my blog. I need to tidy the design, and work on some other things. I am planning to take Christmas off to give me some time to work on some of the other bits that I really want to get done!

November Stats

Blog Love

Some of my favourite blog posts that I have read this month are;\

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