New Years Eve; Last Date Night of the Year

29th December 2016

New Years Eve is just not my thing.
Not any more anyway. I can think of nothing I would enjoy less than getting ready for a night out to spend it shouting over loud music, getting drunk and then spend the next week recovering. Yes, I’m a boring old git but hey, I embrace it!

Don’t get me wrong, in the past I have partied with the best of them; ranging from local pubs to New York (that was an experience!) but nowadays we have a much quieter approach to New Year and in all honesty I prefer it.

Since having Reuben we have always made New Years Eve date night!
We pick a theme for our meal, and then we will decide on the courses and prepare it throughout the day ready for when the children go to bed. We’ll light some candles and eat our way through some good food, a couple of drinks and good conversation before we find something naff on the TV to fall asleep to, get woken up by the fireworks going off and then go to bed. Absolute bliss!

This year we are having a Japanese theme.
I love Wagamama’s. Really love it.
Unfortunately we don’t have one that close to where we live; us country bumpkins don’t tend to like “different” food ha ha.
So, on my request, Sam has bought me the Wagamama Cookbook for Christmas, (also meant I needed to get a new dinner service with bigger bowls, result!) and so I am going to attempt to cook all three courses from that. Wish me luck.

Here are our courses:


Caramelised Sweet Potatoes (with golden syrup and black sesame seeds)
Ebi Katsu (shallow-fried tiger prawns with chilli and garlic dipping sauce)


Roasted Honey Pork Ramen (with seasonal greens, bamboo shoots and barbecue sauce)


Lemongrass and Chilli Creme Caramel (with sake and star anise)

Fingers crossed I can do the food justice.
If it all goes well I’ll get an update on the blog! If there’s no update then you’ll know why!

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