Sam in Iceland

National Spouse’s Day; My Amazing Husband

26th January 2017

Today is National Spouse’s Day.
National Spouse’s Day is celebrated annually on 26 January.

With life being as busy as it can be, it is all too easy to take things for granted.

When was the last time you showed your husband or wife you appreciated them? Obviously you love each other.  I would guess that you tell each other every day. I know Sam and I do.
But when did you last sit with each other, enjoy each others company, no gadgets just talking and enjoying each other? Probably not often enough.

So, as it is National Spouse’s Day, I want to dedicate this post to my absolutely awesome husband Sam. (He is probably going to hate this, he hates being centre of attention)

Jo and Sam on wedding day

Our Story

Sam and I met one News Year Eve, we got on well but at that point nothing happened.
Several years later, I saw Sam again on a rather lively night out in our hometown. We had shared friends and so that’s how our paths crossed. We swapped numbers and the rest is history.

My Rock

Sam really is my rock.
I know that everyone says that, but he really is.
We have definitely had our share of tough times, and everything all came at once.
In one year, we had problems buying our first house and almost ended up with nowhere to live, and then we unfortunately had two miscarriages.
It was a tough year, and a lot for us to get through but with Sam by my side we managed to get through it.
But then we have had the most precious moments of my life, the birth of our two wonderful children and our wedding day.

Jo and Sam in Iceland

Awesome Dad

Sam is just a great Dad.
He works long hours in the week but he is always home in time to read the bedtime story. On the times that he has missed it he will always call Reuben to say Goodnight.
Reuben dotes on his Dad. When the weekend is here it really is a case of Mum who? He is by Sam’s side from the time he gets up.

Sam, Reuben and Jessica

To You Sam

So Sam, because I know you’re reading this.
Thank you!
I know I can get stressed over very small things, like your clothes on the floor (but seriously put your stuff away) but just in case I don’t tell you enough; I really do appreciate all the things that you do for us. The long hours and commute so that we have a better life. Supporting me in whatever I want to do and just for always being there.
Thank you for putting up with all the shite I give you.
I love you!!

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