Jo and Sam on wedding day

National Marriage Week 7-14 February

13th February 2018

It is National Marriage Week from 7th to the 14th February. The theme for 2018 is #plan5for5 with the idea being that those that plan ahead stay together. suggested 5 categories to help you on your way to planning your five years. They have suggested:

  • Marriage and Family
  • Finances
  • Home
  • Work
  • Fun

Sam and I always plan ahead, I like to know what we are going to be doing. We seem to have a trend where we do something every year that is ‘BIG’. For example, 2013 Reuben was born, 2014 we got engaged, 2015 we got married, 2016 Jessica was born. 2017 was quiet for us, we had a breather. 2018 is year of the house move.

So, as it is National Marriage Week, it seems the perfect time to let you have a peek into one of the best days of our lives.

Our Wedding 

Our Wedding Day was beautiful, if I do say so myself. I look back today with such happy memories. It was everything that we wanted it to be and more. For us it was important that it was about the meaning behind the day and a big celebration. We wanted everyone to feel completely at ease. But as any bride and groom will tell you, it goes so quickly and then it is over and you’ve barely spent any time together. It felt odd that the day was about the two of us and I didn’t really see Sam that much on the day.

I remember the nerves I had. I was so nervous that my throat was dry. Not because I was getting married but because of standing and talking in front of a room full of people. Even though they were our friends and family it made me nervous. What if I said something wrong, what if I cried and no one could hear me. I needed have worried as everyone was far too busy watching Reuben stomp around the room. He was two and wearing shoes on a wooden floor. It was noisy!

We didn’t have a massive service but it was beautiful and afterwards we went out to ‘mingle’ with our guests and have a drink.

By mingle, I mean our guests mingled and we started to have our group photos taken. We had spoken with our photographer about what we would want with our pictures. We didn’t want to be ‘in front of the camera’ for hours, we had chosen to have ten group photos. The thought being we would get more mingling time. Wrong! I don’t know how people manage to fit more group shots in their day, I really don’t.

After the group photos we had a small window for chatting and to get a drink. We did end up posing for more pictures as obviously the guests want their pictures. Before we knew it we were being called away for our couple photos. This took us right up to the time for our Wedding Breakfast.

Even when eating, it’s funny how you just don’t get chance to have a conversation with those that you are sitting with. It was 5pm, I felt like I had barely spoken to Sam. Really spoken to him. Besides, he was so nervous with the speeches he wasn’t really in a talking or eating mood. By the time the speeches finished we were well on our way to the evening reception.

I had just enough time to freshen up before the evening guests started to turn up.

It was evening already.

Our evening guests started to arrive. I can remember trying to hunt Sam down to get me a drink. When I eventually found Sam and ordered a drink, the DJ had just announced it was time for our first dance. I cannot imagine that anyone actually feels comfortable doing their first dance, or was that just us? We were definitely not comfortable, everyone watching. It didn’t feel natural.

We had a second slow dance for our guests to dance with us which felt more natural, no one was looking at us. We could relax a little and then before we knew it, it was time to cut the cake. By this point it was almost 9pm, our photographer bid us goodbye and left. The next three hours really went in a bit of a blur, I have no idea what happened in that time and it wasn’t because I had drunk too much. All of a sudden it was the last song of the night, the lights were on and everyone was going home.

Midnight. I had spoken to Sam for a total of maybe an hour and a half all day.

My Favourite Parts of the Day

As you can imagine there are so many parts of the day that were amazing but there are definitely some that were my absolute favourite.

Seeing the room set up before everyone went in. After all the work we had put in, choosing the colours, the favours, making place settings. It was lovely to be able to see it all together. I definitely recommend that before anyone goes in for the wedding breakfast go into the room and have a minute to enjoy the work that you have done.

Seeing Sam arrive with Reuben. I stayed overnight and I had been looking out the window watching people arrive and to see Sam and Reuben arrive all suited and booted brought a lump to my throat.

And the second slow dance. I remember it now. ‘Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. We twirled around a little but then at one point we just stood and hugged. It’s the reason it is one of my favourite pictures. It was our ‘moment’ where nobody else mattered. It was just us.

A Brilliant Day

It was an amazing day and we’ve had many more amazing days and years. I know we have many more years ahead of us to.

Jo & Sam on Wedding DayWhat were your favourite parts of your wedding day? Do you plan ahead?
I would love to know in the comments below.

*This post was originally written for Mrs Mummy Harris’ series “A Picture Says A Thousand Words”*
Photos by SummerLove Photography

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