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6th November 2017

Of late it has really dawned on me just how tired I have been. Some days I feel like I am struggling to stay awake at my desk. I’m sure that I’m not the only Mummy who wonders how on earth we get through the day sometimes, spinning all those plates hoping that one doesn’t drop.

For me, it will be when I’ve had some rough nights with Jessica and sleep has been a few broken hours. I become the ‘shouty’ mum and it feels like a pretty bad day. When the kids go to bed and Sam asks how my day has been I burst into tears because I’m so tired. So tired and feel so guilty.

Is it any wonder we have ‘Bad Days’ every now and again when we fit so much into our lives. So, I thought I would share with you just what a day in my life looks like……

A Typical Day in the Life of Jo.

Jessica wakes up around this time. I’m lucky if it any later than this. I get up and bring her into bed with us and enjoy a sleepy cuddle until my alarm goes off. She will normally go back to sleep. Normally but not always!

My alarm goes off. I wish I could say I get up straight away but I don’t I normally get up about 6.10am to have a shower. I’ll pop my head in to see if Reuben is awake. If he is he goes to the bathroom first, if he is still asleep I leave him. That is rare! Whilst I’m in the shower Sam will get Jessica washed and dressed. If I’m lucky, Reuben will get himself dressed as well.

I’m out of the bathroom and trying to make myself resemble a human ready for work. Sam gets in the shower and the kids are normally playing. Playing normally means Jessica picks up something to play with, Reuben says ‘ta’ and takes it off of her, Jessica cries, I give it back to her – Repeat!

Time to go downstairs for breakfast. Reuben will get his bowl and cereal whilst I start making drinks and Jessica’s breakfast (she’s fussy and doesn’t like cereal). Once the kids are quiet (because they’re eating) I can make my own breakfast which is eaten as I fly around getting the last of the lunches and bags ready. Then its teeth brushed, cat fed, ask scream for the one hundredth time put your shoes on and then rush out of the door by 7.45am

We have to leave by 7.55am at the very latest otherwise I’m late for work. The journey to nursery normally lets Jessica have a nap in the car and Reuben will play with his cars, sing or lately we’ve been chatting. It’s lovely now he holds full conversations.

Drop the kids in their rooms. Reuben first to preschool. Update the carers on anything they need to know, remind him who is picking him up that day – either me or Nana – kiss goodbye. Dash to the baby room. Repeat cycle which tends to take a bit longer. Dash back to the car and drive to work.

Jo, Sam, Reuben & Jessica9am
Start my day at work. I work as an account handler in commercial insurance and so it is pretty full on.

Finish work (unless it is a Monday or Wednesday when I don’t finish until 6pm! Those days are mental!)
Drive to the nursery to collect the children. Handover from the staff as to how the days have been. Ready for the drive home.

We’re home!
Time to get changed into something more comfortable and a quick cuddle on the sofa.

Time to start dinners!
Cook the kids dinners, it’s much easier now they eat the same foods as I can cook the once. Once both kids are eating I feed Lola.

Everyone is eating happily, if I’m not eating with the kids I will then get the breakfast and cooking dishes washed – yes by hand, we don’t have a dishwasher yet! If I get chance I will start making lunches for the next day, if they have finished eating then the sandwiches have to wait.

With dinner finished we go back into the living room and depending on how the children are depends on what we do. It normally consists of sitting and cuddling whilst watching some TV or singing nursery rhymes. We’re all pretty tired so it’s chill time.

Bath time! Chaos! Water everywhere whilst they splash each other. I remember reading how giving a nice relaxing bath before bed helps children and babies sleep better. They lied. I am yet to speak to one parent who finds bath time relaxing.

Sam gets home.
Reuben gets excited, Jessica starts giggling. Bedtime is anything but calm!
Sam helps finish get them ready for bed with brushing teeth. Story time is a family thing. We all climb on the bed and then Reuben picks who reads. Jessica climbs all over the place and tries ripping the books, standard one year old actions. Then it is nursery rhyme – Hush Little Baby – it is something I have sung to Reuben every night since he was born (It is amended now as he insists I say Baby for Jessica and Champ for him) before I tuck them both in.

Time for us to sort our dinner. It’s normally a quick dinner or has been prepared already so doesn’t take too long.
Once we have eaten we wash and clear the dishes before I start the lunches for the next day. Whilst I do that Sam will normally tidy the last of the toys away in the living room.
Lunches done, I then get out all the bags and clothes for the next day so that it runs as smooth as possible. If I’ve managed to get some washing on it’ll be now that I hang it out.

We finally sit down together! Mid week we will then spend time working in the evening. So I will work on my blog and Sam will do some private work or he will play Playstation. Sometimes if we’re completely shattered we just snuggle on the sofa and watch rubbish TV/fall asleep.

We go to bed, exhausted!

This is a typical day for us. Monday’s and Wednesday’s we have a completely different routine as I work late and so my Mum fit into all of this and we finally get home about 7pm. My favourite days are my days off, they are quite different. It is much more relaxed and we spend our time playing and watching films or going out for walks. Although I do need to fit in some housework in amongst our week as well!

So when everyday looks like this, it is no surprise that we are exhausted is it? We are the real Wonder Woman of this world!

What does a typical day look like for you? I would love to know!

This post was originally written for Dear Bear and Beany, however it has been adapted to a more current version of out lives. You can see the original here.

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