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Mud & Bloom Subscription Box

13th April 2018

Reuben loves being outside, he always has. He also has a big interest in plants, wildlife and anything ‘outdoorsy’. He loves going to Nanny’s house and seeing all the things she grows. I think his favourite thing is being able to pick them and eat them. Either way I really want to encourage him to stay interested in how things grow. Where fruits and vegetables come from. I also love the idea of practising growing things. However growing fruits and vegetables isn’t something I know much about. I will need to learn with Reuben, but that’s OK. When I stumbled across the Mud & Bloom subscription box, I was very intrigued.

Mud & Bloom Subscription Box 

Mud & Bloom provide a subscription box that is aimed at getting children to learn about the outdoors. It is a monthly subscription aimed at 3 to 8 year olds. More importantly it is designed to get children involved and interested in the outdoors. This looked like it would be perfect for what I want to do with Reuben. As you can imagine, I was pretty chuffed that Anja agreed to work with us for her new venture! We were sent February and March boxes to try out and they have not disappointed!

Mud & Bloom Subscription BoxFebruary Subscription Box

We were thankful when the February box came as it was when the weather wasn’t so great and well, we needed something t entertain Reuben. We had a look at what was inside the box to see what we would start on.

In the box there was some leaflets, as you can imagine they didn’t grab Reuben’s attention, he wanted to be ‘doing’ things. One of the leaflets was for ‘February Flowers’ and whilst he wasn’t interested at the start, he did take a look at them. I really liked this idea as it was something we could take with us for spotting on walks. He spotted the snowdrops that we had seen on a snowdrop walk. He also spotted the daffodils as they were ‘growing in Grandad’s garden’.

Also in the box we had basil and tomato seeds, as well as paint and a paint brush. There was then leaflets to go with each activity, so one for growing each of the seeds and one for rock painting. Reuben obviously wanted to do the rock painting. He had done it at preschool and enjoyed it and so wanted to do it at home. At the time we had no rocks to paint, and we’ve not had the opportunity to find any yet either (it may be a trip to the garden store I think). So, we decided we were going to grow our seeds.

Reuben found ‘growing’ the seed pellets entertaining. They literally expand so quickly, he couldn’t stop laughing. By the time Sam came through to see what was going on the ‘fun’ had stopped. Well, slowed down but Reuben said they had stopped growing. We worked our way through the instruction cards. Reuben was able to follow the instructions and plant the seeds himself and with minimal support.

March  Subscription Box

We’ve received March box and I think I am more excited about this box than Reuben is. Reuben is looking forward to planting the sunflower, and his little face when I said we would grow cucumbers was a picture. Cucumbers are probably one of his favourite things. He eats it with everything.

The other activity was the one that I am really looking forward to. There’s the materials to make a fairy garden! First we need to go a bit of a scavenger hunt for pinecones, leaves, stones etc to put in the garden. We have had rain for what feels like forever and so we haven’t done this yet. I hope to do it soon, especially as the weather looks like it is going to pick up soon!!


So, the boxes have been a hit. Well February’s was and we have March to do still but I know it will be a hit. Reuben loved watering and watching the basil and tomatoes grow. However, we’ve hit a point where he doesn’t take much interest in them at the moment. I think it is because he was expecting tomatoes already. And well, we obviously don’t have them yet. They are growing really well but he is 4 and wants it now. I am certain that by planting the sunflower and cucumbers he will become interested again.

Subscription Box Success?

I think so.

I’ve not hidden the fact that I love the idea of subscription boxes. Receiving something each month in the post is exciting for the person receiving it, even as an adult. Now imagine being 4 and having a delivery every month!

I love this subscription box. The quality of the items is second to none. Even with a water spill the leaflets remained intact. The box lasts the month, with growing, craft, and information/quizzes. It kept Reuben busy without being to taxing. Easy enough activities that he wasn’t frustrated. Activities that he can go back to if his attention waivers (which it can do!)

If you’re looking for something to encourage an interest in “where food comes from” or “how to grow” this is definitely a good place to start!

We’re not the only ones to have enjoyed them either – check out Gorgeous George’s Mama’s review here.

*We were sent these subscription boxes in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.

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