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Mouthwatering Meals by Gousto

17th May 2017

I love socialising. Whether that is with friends, as a family or on a date with my husband. Socialising for me means food. Great food and great company. It is the one time that you all sit together, no phones, no gadgets. This is the main reason that I decided that cooking more meals from scratch was one of my goals this year. So when we had the opportunity to try out Gousto food boxes we were quick to accept.

Gousto Food Box

Gousto are a company that help you to make mouth-watering meals each and every week.
The idea is that you choose from 22 recipes, these recipes change every week.
Once you have chosen your meals Gousto send you pre-portioned ingredients so you can make the meal for either 2 or 4 people. Gousto have this on a weekly subscription service, but you have full control over what and when you have them delivered. If you want the meals paused you can, if you want to order a one-off you can. It is completely up to you.

Gousto meals box

Delivery and Unboxing

We had picked the date to have the box delivered.
When you order they ask you where to deliver it should you not be there. I had put in a neighbours address. The odd thing was that the delivery driver didn’t even attempt to deliver it to my house, they took it straight to the neighbour. Anyway, that is a small detail which is irrelevant.

On opening the box there is a plastic bag inside where the ingredients are kept. Gousto use ‘Woolcool’ to keep the products chilled and fresh. This is done using sheep’s wool and ice packs. This method can keep the items chilled for up to 24 hours. I’ve never seen this done before. It seemed very effective, we didn’t open the box for several hours and it was all chilled.

Alongside all of the ingredients we had the two recipe cards and a wooden kitchen spoon.

Recipe Cards

The easy to follow recipe cards really are very easy to follow. They have the picture of what the dish ‘should’ look like when it is finished. There are pictures of the ingredients that you need. I like this idea as not everyone knows what things look like, especially if they aren’t seasoned cooks so the pictures help.

Then there are the cooking instructions. These are broken down in small steps and easy to follow. We managed to follow it without any issue(I cooked one and Sam cooked the second).

There is also the nutritional values on the card which can come in handy if you are counting those calories.

Meal One; Sri Lankan Crab Curry

“We’ve made a Sri Lankan classic: Crab Curry. While commonly a whole crab sits in a bowl, we’ve created a more manageable version with ready-picked crabmeat. The sweetness from the crab and creaminess from the coconut are paired with a zingy lime and cucumber salad and served over fluffy rice.” (As per the Gousto site, you can see that here)

We prepped as we cooked and it didn’t seem to flow very well. My advice would be to prep before you cook so you can concentrate on just cooking. As we did it all at once it felt like the rice had been cooked and ready for ages before the dinner was done. This didn’t matter as the curry made it feel warmer.

On the recipe it did say “chilli (can’t handle the heat? Go easy!)” this is very accurate! I used the whole chilli and it was hot. Very hot. I love spicy food but it was too much for me. Something to be mindful of.

The meal itself was very tasty. Sam absolutely loved it. He loves food that is different to the norm. I really liked the flavour of the curry but the texture of the crab was off-putting for me. I am fussy with textures when I eat so when I do make it again I will change the protein to prawns or chicken, both I think would work well.

When we make this one again, which we definitely will, we will do a few things differently.

  • Make the salad first and chill.
  • Reduce the amount of salad and rice as there was too much for us
  • Prep the ingredients before cooking
  • Switch the protein to something I prefer

Chicken, Red Pepper and Lemongrass Curry

“This fragrant chicken curry combines slow-cooked red pepper, red onion, ginger, garlic and Indian spices to create an unusual but sweet curry, tempered with coconut cream and fresh coriander. Served with lemongrass steamed basmati rice.” (As per the Gousto site, you can see that here)

Sam’s turn to cook this one!
He prepped as he went with this one as well, something that he has said he wouldn’t do again. This meant that it took about an hour to cook in total.

This meal was so fragrant that it made you hungry just smelling it. It was delicious. For me this was the perfect meal. The portion size was perfect (although I would have eaten more) and the flavours were packed in but not overbearing. I absolutely loved this meal. Sam on the other hand enjoyed it but he thought that it seemed too reduced down and should have a more ‘watery’ sauce.

This is a meal that I definitely want to try again but if we do we will be prepping it in advance.

Overall Thoughts

We really liked the Gousto meals. From delivery of the ingredients to cooking and eating the whole process was simple, efficient and very tasty.

Are we likely to use it again? Yes, we probably would but not as a subscription service, more as a treat or if we wanted a quirky dinner for friends coming over. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Most importantly, the ‘family friendly’ section was limited. Reuben is not a fussy eater and he will eat many meals such as curries but I struggled to find something that he would happily eat. If Gousto are trying to target families then there needs to be a few more child friendly meals.
  2. The cost. I don’t think that this is an expensive service but as a weekly subscription it wouldn’t be sustainable for us as a family. The box that we had should have cost about £27. To do this weekly would cost too much. That said, you do have control so that you can select weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes. Or like us you can hold your account and order as and when you are ready.

Would we recommend Gousto? Yes definitely.
The ingredients were fresh, the recipes cards were easy to follow and the food was absolutely delicious.

Do you want to try Gousto out for yourself?
If you do then use this link here you can try out Gousto AND get up to £25 off your first order!

*Please note that we received our Gousto box free in exchange for an honest review, and the link provided for your discounted box is an affiliate link. This does not affect you or your cost, it just means that I will get money towards my next box. All thoughts in this review are my own.*

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