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A Monthly Review; March 2018

4th April 2018

A quarter of the way through the year. Where has that time gone? As I flip my calendar over and see “Lanzarote” I can’t help but feel excited and nervous at the same time. April is going to be a busy and exciting month, I can tell already but before I look forward it’s time to reflect on what happened in March!

The Family

The children enjoyed the snow. So much snow! They were so excited. I am still amazed that we had snow, in March. The start of spring, daffodils sprouting and snow on the ground. Crazy! Still I am glad the children got to enjoy playing in it, something I wasn’t sure they would ever experience.

What has been lovely this month is really seeing the children enjoy playing together. Now Jessica is older and more able she is less boring in Reuben’s eyes and able to play games. That is if he wants to. It has also started the “leave me alone” cries when Reuben just wants to relax or play on his own as Jessica insists on being where he is.

It’s also been a hard month. I don’t know if we hit the 18 month regression, Jessica becoming a madam or just separation anxiety peaking. Maybe all of the above. But we had a week of her waking in the night and screaming for 3 hours at a time until she came into bed with us. It resulted in Reuben sleeping with Sam in my bed and I slept with Jessica in his bed. It was tough. And then there has been the possessiveness. If anyone hugs me, she screams at them. It has been tough. Luckily she is sleeping better now and it is just the possessiveness we are working on. If you have any tips please share them……..

All Things Me

March saw me complete 10,000 steps a day for Cancer Research. Disappointed with the amount I raised. I think because it was walking people think it is easy. Trust me, 10,000 steps a day when you work in an office is not easy.

I’ve also been a bit disappointed with myself, being tired I have eaten lots of junk food and not done any Pilates. I’ve not really looked after myself at all and I’m feeling it. Lanzarote cannot come quick enough.

The Blog

I am so happy with the direction the blog is going. I’ve got quite a lot of posts to get caught up on and some guest posts to write but as a whole, I’m happy. The “Share Your Story” series is going really well and it is easing off some of the pressure of writing lots of content, something I am grateful of now we have sold the house. It also means I’m meeting and sharing some amazing stories. (Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to take part).

I have started working through lots of content on the regulation changes that are coming into place but it is taking a long time and is now one of my main priorities at the moment. It will not beat me!!

My March Stats

My March Favourites

I read so many amazing posts thanks to all the linkups I take part in. Here are my favourites for last month:

Tales from Mamaville – When Two Become Three
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So, March was pretty full on and I cannot see it slowing down much for the rest of the year. Every month seems to be pretty busy for us. How was your March? Why not share some of your highlights with me…….

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